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Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States  Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States


Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States
Old Wheelersburg Cemetery, Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States
Wheeler Cemetery, Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States
Memorial Burial Park, Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States

Cemeteries within Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States

  Cemetery Name Cemetery Location Associated Burial Place
1.Old Wheelersburg CemeteryPorter Township, Scioto, Ohio, United StatesOld Wheelersburg Cemetery

Primary Birth events within Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Hall, Nancy A.18 Oct 1865(here)29 Oct 1938Norton, Wise, Virginia, _I120
2 LeMaster, Roy28 Apr 1907(here)10 Nov 1963 I264063

Primary Death events within Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Adams, Alice Mae16 Jul 2004(here)28 Oct 1944Jenkins, Letcher, Kentucky, _I77779
2 Adams, Betty Jane28 Jan 2012(here)13 May 1924Letcher, Kentucky, _I323118
3 Barnett, Mary25 Apr 1870(here)1799Virginia, _I94822
4 Bates, Creed12 Jan 1991(here)2 Feb 1902Knott, Kentucky, _I247657
5 Caudill, Abel H6 Jan 1939(here)14 Dec 1866Kentucky, _I253469
6 Crace, Sarah23 Jun 1937(here)1857Kentucky, _I279376
7 Hacker, Denver7 Nov 1991(here)21 Nov 1911Greenup, Kentucky, _I241238
8 Hacker, Perry25 Aug 1986(here)12 Jun 1916Greenup, Kentucky, _I241237
9 Hampton, William Mayo1953(here)1880Letcher, Kentucky, _I24833
10 Johnson, Eliza Ann28 Apr 1950(here)29 Aug 1872Stephens, Elliott, Kentucky, _I277822
11 Kinney, John William10 Jun 1948(here)15 Jun 1865Pike, Kentucky, _I262273
12 Minix, Charles1 Mar 1921(here)Sep 1872Magoffin, Kentucky, _I229692
13 Mullens, John William3 Oct 1971(here)13 Oct 1896Virginia, _I84228
14 Mullins, Ausby5 Jun 1989(here)20 Mar 1907Buchanan, Virginia, _I339754
15 Quillen, IsabelleDec 1971(here)18 Sep 1893Letcher, Kentucky, _I33813
16 Quillen, Morgan Tennessee9 Nov 1970(here)10 Dec 1888Letcher, Kentucky, _I33812
17 Ray, Catherine1962(here)1870Carter, Kentucky, _I128944
18 Wright, Ezra31 Oct 1966(here)27 Apr 1894Floyd, Kentucky, _I15762
19 Wright, William Sherman10 Aug 1944(here)14 May 1865Prestonsburg, Floyd, Kentucky, _I315190

Primary Burial events within Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Adams, John Benjamin (here)5 Feb 1870Letcher, Kentucky, _26 May 1955 I21711
2 Addington, Laura Melvina1949(here)22 Nov 1877Floyd, Virginia, _3 Oct 1949Harrison Township, _, _, _I127366
3 Addington, Lizzie Mae1972(here)9 Jul 1887Scott, Virginia, _13 May 1972 I127362
4 Addington, William (here)17 Jul 1898Pike, Kentucky, _18 Aug 1991Ohio, _I123961
5 Bailey, Mary C (here)11 Feb 1862Magoffin, Kentucky, _20 Jan 1948Slocum, _, _, _I329436
6 Bentley, Abraham Houston1968(here)24 Jun 1922 9 Jul 1968Portsmouth, _, _, _I16570
7 Bentley, Miranda (here)9 Dec 1890Letcher, Kentucky, _16 Jun 1985Portsmouth, _, _, _I256578
8 Burke, Betty Pearl (here)18 Dec 1905Beefhide Creek, Pike, Kentucky, _22 Aug 2001Monroe, _, _I123962
9 Burton, Winnie20 Dec 1941(here)25 Jun 1868Elliott, Kentucky, _17 Dec 1941Porter Township, _, _, _I264575
10 Coldiron, George Washington (here)18 Jun 1866Magoffin, Kentucky, _2 Jul 1950 I329435
11 Conley, Olie1950(here)29 Oct 1879Morgan, Kentucky, _31 Oct 1950Portsmouth, _, _, _I294120
12 Crawford, Mary EthelMar 1966(here)8 Feb 1886Carter, Kentucky, _12 Mar 1966Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia, _I272667
13 Erwin, William Jefferson1937Memorial Burial Park30 Jan 1851Carter, Kentucky, _27 Feb 1937Haverhill, _, _, _I85667
14 Fairchild, Buell (here)15 May 1911Johnson, Kentucky, _28 Jan 1935Portsmouth, _, _, _I265095
15 Flannery, Josephine Eunice Memorial Burial Park4 Jan 1913Greenup, Kentucky, _15 Jan 1980Portsmouth, _, _, _I321026
16 Goodman, John Wesley Wheeler Cemetery19 Feb 1856Greenup, Kentucky, _23 Aug 1933Portsmouth, _, _, _I273382
17 Hamilton, Dock C. (here)29 Dec 1875Elliott, Kentucky, _29 Nov 1936Harrison Township, _, _, _I245418
18 Harvey, Elen23 Apr 1928(here)1851Dickensonville, Russell, Virginia, _21 Apr 1928Porter, _, _, _I329219
19 Hutchinson, Addie12 Apr 1940(here)31 Aug 1885Morgan, Kentucky, _9 Apr 1940Sciotoville, _, _, _I274091
20 Hutchinson, Lanford1953(here)17 Oct 1873Fannin, Elliott, Kentucky, _23 Oct 1953Sciotoville, _, _, _I274082
21 Johnson, Eliza Ann (here)29 Aug 1872Stephens, Elliott, Kentucky, _28 Apr 1950(here)I277822
22 Killen, Isom W.18 Nov 1928(here)20 Sep 1875Fredericktown, Powell, Kentucky, _16 Nov 1928Scioto, _, _I264680
23 Lewis, Anna May1995(here)15 Oct 1911Kentucky, _2 Apr 1995Portsmouth, _, _, _I261249
24 Murray, WilliamJul 1942Old Wheelersburg Cemetery29 Mar 1855Johnson, Kentucky, _3 Jul 1942Portsmouth, _, _, _I320007
25 Patrick, Caledonia1906(here)22 May 1878Virginia, _4 Sep 1906 I317998
26 Penix, Mary Lavina1926(here)14 Aug 1859Morgan, Kentucky, _11 Oct 1926Portsmouth, _, _, _I282038
27 Pennington, John A (here)18 Sep 1855Mercer, West Virginia, _18 Jun 1938Columbus, Franklin, _, _I312222
28 Shoemaker, Lousina1912Old Wheelersburg Cemetery5 Oct 1842Scioto, _, _5 Sep 1912Portsmouth, _, _, _I285198
29 Skaggs, Nancy A.1956(here)22 Oct 1882Morgan, Kentucky, _17 Jul 1956Lucasville, _, _, _I231930
30 Sparks, Nelson Tate1972(here)12 Apr 1885Elliott, Kentucky, _21 Jun 1972Portsmouth, _, _, _I281059
31 Wheeler, Lewis Henry (here)31 Aug 1882Winifred, Johnson, Kentucky, _29 Sep 1952Portsmouth, _, _, _I263873
32 Willis, Sarah Ann1941(here)May 1861Elizabeth, Lawrence, _, _14 Apr 1941Scioto Township, Ross, _, _I295192

Military events within Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States

   Name  Military BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Holbrook, Hiram6 Sep 1865(here)21 Jun 1842Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky, _10 May 1928McGlone, Carter, Kentucky, _I116271

Residence events within Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Hall, Alice1988(here)3 Jan 1907Floyd, Kentucky, _Sep 1988 I30685

Primary Marriage events within Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio, United States

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Morris Shelton / Gladys Beacher Hughes1 Sep 1932(here)F135333