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Volga, Johnson, Kentucky, United States  Volga, Johnson, Kentucky, United States


Volga, Johnson, Kentucky, United States
Hitchcock Cemetery, Volga, Johnson, Kentucky, United States
Abraham Adam Picklesimer Cemetery, Volga, Johnson, Kentucky, United States
Ramey Branch Cemetery, Volga, Johnson, Kentucky, United States
Rice Cemetery, Volga, Johnson, Kentucky, United States
Prater Cemetery, Volga, Johnson, Kentucky, United States

Primary Birth events within Volga, Johnson, Kentucky, United States

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Kimbler, James Marion23 Sep 1887(here)1 Oct 1965Honaker, Floyd, _, _I354650
2 LeMaster, Mary Ann14 Jul 1852(here)27 Apr 1915 I264319
3 Ramey, Charles G.24 May 1845(here)16 Oct 1934(here)I119942
4 Stapleton, Dow13 Apr 1906(here)25 Nov 1974Pikeville, Pike, _, _I330879

Primary Death events within Volga, Johnson, Kentucky, United States

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Bayes, Mary Frances8 Jan 1912(here)25 May 1833Morgan, _, _I345631
2 Blair, Crosford24 Feb 1957(here)28 Nov 1884Johnson, _, _I264653
3 Blair, Jennie17 Aug 2000(here)3 Jul 1907Manila, _, _, _I264652
4 Boggs, Cynthia Ellen25 Mar 1936(here)Apr 1851Kentucky, _I287669
5 Gullett, Harry B.6 May 1939(here)Feb 1890Floyd, _, _I132310
6 Gullett, Paris Q.28 Aug 1907(here)17 Mar 1877Johnson, _, _I132306
7 Hoskins, Mary1825(here)1786Claiborne, Tennessee, _I269416
8 Kimbler, John Wesley15 Sep 1924(here)Mar 1845Virginia, _I354661
9 Picklesimer, Francis Marion1 May 1899(here)22 Aug 1833Johnson, _, _I264414
10 Picklesimer, Margaret22 May 1906(here)17 Dec 1821Floyd, _, _I264197
11 Pratt, Melissa JaneJun 1930(here)Jun 1850Johnson, _, _I13109
12 Ramey, Charles G.16 Oct 1934(here)24 May 1845(here)I119942
13 Ramey, Daniel1859(here)23 Sep 1789Virginia, _I321232
14 Ramey, Thomas Jefferson27 Sep 1902(here)15 Aug 1826Johnson, _, _I321228
15 Rice, William Hayden20 Apr 1941(here)1865Kentucky, _I263966
16 Salyer, Abraham Lincoln24 Sep 1935(here)25 Dec 1858Kentucky, _I348770
17 Salyer, CatherineAbt 1906(here)1832Scott, Virginia, _I263942
18 Salyer, Malissa Alice27 Dec 1921(here)6 Feb 1842Johnson, _, _I264489
19 Van Hoose, Levi Jasper11 Sep 1913(here)19 Feb 1842Greenup, _, _I264488
20 VanHoose, David Jesse23 Aug 1952(here)24 May 1875Johnson, _, _I264493
21 Vest, Ann1840(here)1754Frederick, Virginia, _I264418
22 Williams, Luranna S.19 Feb 1885(here)7 Aug 1799Virginia, _I96308
23 Williams, Phillip12 Sep 1848(here)10 Feb 1753District 96, South Carolina, British AmericaI264417

Primary Burial events within Volga, Johnson, Kentucky, United States

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Hoose, Almira Van (here)22 Dec 1871Johnson, _, _21 Feb 1924Johnson, _, _I264487
2 Hoskins, Mary1825(here)1786Claiborne, Tennessee, _1825(here)I269416
3 Kimbler, John Wesley16 Sep 1924(here)Mar 1845Virginia, _15 Sep 1924(here)I354661
4 McKenzie, Martha Jane (here)2 Jul 1869Flatgap, _, _, _7 Jul 1943Johnson, _, _I331446
5 McKenzie, Sergant NewtonAft 20 Feb 1876(here)25 Mar 1825Scott, Virginia, _20 Feb 1876Johnson, _, _I264196
6 McKenzie, William HaskellMar 1964(here)25 Feb 1880Johnson, _, _24 Mar 1964Johnson, _, _I264195
7 Pelfrey, Nancy1858(here)1786Montgomery, _, _4 Oct 1858Johnson, _, _I321233
8 Picklesimer, Nathaniel Prater Cemetery11 Jul 1801Franklin, Virginia, _26 Feb 1885Mudlick Creek, _, _, _I96307
9 Ramey, Daniel (here)23 Sep 1789Virginia, _1859(here)I321232
10 Ramey, Sara Thursey Hitchcock Cemetery24 Jun 1851Johnson, _, _6 Jan 1921Johnson, _, _I354662
11 Ramey, Thomas Jefferson1902Ramey Branch Cemetery15 Aug 1826Johnson, _, _27 Sep 1902(here)I321228