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Georgia, United States


Parish : Latitude: 32.7502806, Longitude: -83.5002806


Matches 1 to 209 of 209

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Martha A.  1849Georgia, United States I407156
2 *Unknown, Lizzie M  Apr 1872Georgia, United States I393624
3 Adams, Jessie Lee  27 May 1927Georgia, United States I284673
4 Allen, William W.  1853Georgia, United States I249318
5 Allison, Sallie  1865Georgia, United States I297250
6 Anderson, Mary  Abt 1824Georgia, United States I377012
7 Anderson, Rebecca A.  1830Georgia, United States I377011
8 Anderson, Winney  1828Georgia, United States I377010
9 Ashley, Eula  14 Aug 1896Georgia, United States I386329
10 Bailey, Caroline  Dec 1860Georgia, United States I313763
11 Bailey, Mamie  1887Georgia, United States I372782
12 Bartee, Thomas James  Abt 1800Georgia, United States I291882
13 Basham, John Franklin  7 May 1905Georgia, United States I286659
14 Billingslea, Sara Rebecca  5 Dec 1843Georgia, United States I83338
15 Blassingame, Coy Spencer  14 Oct 1915Georgia, United States I105962
16 Bostain, James Paul  10 Feb 1887Georgia, United States I274322
17 Bostain, Virdy D.  12 Jul 1916Georgia, United States I300914
18 Boston, Mary Ann  19 May 1866Georgia, United States I274310
19 Bowen, Mattie  1895Georgia, United States I389122
20 Bowers, J. Harvey  1906Georgia, United States I313969
21 Boyd, Hugh Matt  3 Mar 1804Georgia, United States I240773
22 Boyd, Margaret  26 Apr 1823Georgia, United States I35016
23 Bradshaw, Nistar  1919Georgia, United States I389144
24 Branhan, Sarah Ann  Oct 1854Georgia, United States I313724
25 Brown, Mary  May 1862Georgia, United States I275407
26 Burrows, Eva Lee  25 Aug 1911Georgia, United States I286696
27 Burrows, Hazel Mae  22 Apr 1910Georgia, United States I286700
28 Burrows, Herbert Tilden  6 Oct 1889Georgia, United States I345034
29 Burrows, Thomas J  1861Georgia, United States I313723
30 Burrows, Tommy W.  13 Jul 1916Georgia, United States I286689
31 Byrd, Cordia  1911Georgia, United States I288403
32 Byrd, Francis  1908Georgia, United States I288402
33 Byrd, Vera Louise  1914Georgia, United States I288404
34 Caldwell, Elizabeth  1799Georgia, United States I306123
35 Casey, Sarah  1866Georgia, United States I25712
36 Caudill, Alfred  9 Aug 1822Georgia, United States I7158
37 Caudill, Elizabeth Amanda  27 Apr 1825Georgia, United States I7161
38 Caudill, Henry Adams  26 Jul 1824Georgia, United States I112147
39 Caudill, James  Abt 1790Georgia, United States I16966
40 Caudill, James  20 Jan 1827Georgia, United States I7162
41 Caudill, Mary  18 Nov 1820Georgia, United States I7157
42 Caudill, Rebecca Mylinda  6 Aug 1829Georgia, United States I365798
43 Caudill, William H.  26 Jul 1824Georgia, United States I7159
44 Chadwick, James Thomas  1837Georgia, United States I403520
45 Chastain, Mary Adeline  Abt 1847Georgia, United States I344183
46 Cochran, Odessa Parlee  10 Mar 1887Georgia, United States I271756
47 Cogswell, Louisa Jane  1832Georgia, United States I288410
48 Crowell, Elizabeth S.  21 Feb 1807Georgia, United States I264468
49 Cureton, Chester Lee  11 Oct 1909Georgia, United States I113440
50 Cureton, Robert Lafayette  25 Apr 1887Georgia, United States I117992
51 Cuzzart, Doc Ernest  11 Jul 1911Georgia, United States I103124
52 Davis, Gertrude  Abt 1900Georgia, United States I267859
53 Davis, Hoke  1936Georgia, United States I393608
54 Dodson, Mae  13 Sep 1913Georgia, United States I261858
55 Dodson, Ovie Lee  1 Nov 1888Georgia, United States I112951
56 Donohoo, Carolina  Abt 1834Georgia, United States I370705
57 Doyle, Christopher Columbus  Abt 1851Georgia, United States I353168
58 Doyle, James Edward Sr.  31 Jul 1884Georgia, United States I107786
59 Doyle, Orville Jesse Sr.  21 Sep 1906Georgia, United States I107788
60 Dunwody, J A  1864Georgia, United States I280470
61 Durham, Letitia  1744Georgia, United States I95018
62 Elkins, Louvenia  1837Georgia, United States I275243
63 Ellis, Harriet  1810Georgia, United States I392717
64 Elrod, Joseph Daniel  14 Jan 1850Georgia, United States I288407
65 Elrod, William G  1 Mar 1830Georgia, United States I288409
66 Epperson, William Miles  1849Georgia, United States I312987
67 Estes, Mildred Amelia  1828Georgia, United States I348746
68 Evans, Allan Clarence  14 Jul 1900Georgia, United States I274402
69 Evans, Mildred Maybelle  21 Jun 1923Georgia, United States I98020
70 Evans, Rufus Wesley  Dec 1866Georgia, United States I260533
71 Fleming, Mary J  Abt 1858Georgia, United States I353169
72 Fleming, Melba  Sep 1896Georgia, United States I273229
73 Franklin, Annie Gladys  13 Oct 1908Georgia, United States I267860
74 Franklin, Sally Pearl  1894Georgia, United States I249232
75 Franklin, Wesley M.  28 Jan 1823Georgia, United States I74426
76 Fry, Jacob Anderson  1853Georgia, United States I268212
77 Fullwood, Rev Charles Allen  20 Feb 1829Georgia, United States I385550
78 Gay, William B Jr  1792Georgia, United States I244462
79 Gilpin, Frank  3 Feb 1840Georgia, United States I378390
80 Goode, Jim  1858Georgia, United States I379720
81 Goodson, Sarah Elizabeth  25 Sep 1830Georgia, United States I77404
82 Gray, Caroline T  Sep 1840Georgia, United States I392415
83 Gray, Emma Marie  11 Apr 1845Georgia, United States I239579
84 Gray, George Washington  1807Georgia, United States I242772
85 Gray, Sophronia Inez  9 Oct 1911Georgia, United States I276378
86 Gray, W P  1842Georgia, United States I249904
87 Greer, Mary C  23 May 1851Georgia, United States I380889
88 Gross, Uzeba  Sep 1853Georgia, United States I274619
89 Hall, Joseph  6 Jun 1768Georgia, United States I126028
90 Hammock, James H.  16 Jan 1871Georgia, United States I355641
91 Harbin, Jno W  Jul 1854Georgia, United States I291475
92 Harden, Cora Lee  21 May 1891Georgia, United States I367465
93 Harper, Dillard  1835Georgia, United States I378882
94 Harrison, Elizabeth  27 May 1813Georgia, United States I400449
95 Hart, Nancy Catherine  1 Dec 1839Georgia, United States I297994
96 Henderson, Gertrude  13 Mar 1901Georgia, United States I367450
97 Hill, Rutha M  Nov 1845Georgia, United States I366369
98 Hobbs, Roy E  27 Jan 1912Georgia, United States I401542
99 Hogg, Permelia  5 Mar 1803Georgia, United States I21988
100 Holbrook, Elizabeth  Abt 1795Georgia, United States I247385
101 Holcomb, Sarah Ann  Abt 1866Georgia, United States I243243
102 Hubbard, Elizabeth  2 Jun 1797Georgia, United States I301040
103 Irwin, James M  19 Jul 1857Georgia, United States I369217
104 Jackson, Mary Marquis  19 Sep 1876Georgia, United States I350265
105 Jenkins, Alma Alene  2 Aug 1925Georgia, United States I313388
106 Johnson, Benjamin  1813Georgia, United States I241982
107 Johnson, Nathaniel  1831Georgia, United States I361454
108 Johnston, William  Abt 1815Georgia, United States I272610
109 Justice, Amos J.  Abt 1797Georgia, United States I24170
110 Justice, Israel  1793Georgia, United States I6630
111 Justice, Temperance  Abt 1800Georgia, United States I23777
112 Lance, Callie  25 Aug 1872Georgia, United States I366370
113 Laprade, Estelle Virginia  Dec 1880Georgia, United States I249360
114 Laprade, Haveland Trenton  1850Georgia, United States I249359
115 Lindsey, Barsheba  1806Georgia, United States I270364
116 Littlefield, Mattie  1873Georgia, United States I379782
117 Looney, John Henry  25 Aug 1845Georgia, United States I312246
118 Lortz, Rebecca  Abt 1797Georgia, United States I277165
119 Malcom, Margie Mae  21 May 1927Georgia, United States I371741
120 Marlow, J. J.  Abt 1895Georgia, United States I290064
121 Massey, Bertha  Abt 1901Georgia, United States I118181
122 McCall, Joseph R  1904Georgia, United States I279008
123 McCall, Walter T  1910Georgia, United States I279009
124 McCall, William D  1899Georgia, United States I279010
125 McCord, Cora  Abt 1898Georgia, United States I122774
126 McCoy, Mary Eliza Burke  28 Jun 1814Georgia, United States I327831
127 Mcdowell, Reverend John  Jul 1800Georgia, United States I306122
128 McElroy, Asenath Jane  21 Nov 1819Georgia, United States I351793
129 McElvy, Thomas William  22 Jan 1895Georgia, United States I266872
130 Meek, Mary Elizabeth  1816Georgia, United States I244202
131 Moncrief, Willie Henry  1863Georgia, United States I297249
132 Montgomery, Alma Katherine  11 Mar 1899Georgia, United States I34417
133 Mooney, Christopher Columbus  1827Georgia, United States I274618
134 Morris, Annie L  1882Georgia, United States I389340
135 Mosgrove, John Fletcher  19 Dec 1898Georgia, United States I274640
136 Mullins, Thelma I  1922Georgia, United States I259147
137 Mullins, Weldon Dalton  26 Jul 1919Georgia, United States I259148
138 Murray, Lenore  7 Mar 1889Georgia, United States I286680
139 Neeley, William D  1847Georgia, United States I366706
140 Oldham, Gladys  21 Dec 1894Georgia, United States I243266
141 Pangle, Mollie  Mar 1875Georgia, United States I373473
142 Parton, Larry Leroy  9 Dec 1921Georgia, United States I347772
143 Pendley, Mary Alice  1 Sep 1920Georgia, United States I100198
144 Posey, Susannah Anne  15 Aug 1795Georgia, United States I341221
145 Posey, Temperance  1803Georgia, United States I401353
146 Powell, Henry  1904Georgia, United States I373499
147 Powell, John  Apr 1865Georgia, United States I373472
148 Prince, A. Jackson  1845Georgia, United States I382041
149 Prince, Addison M.  5 Feb 1890Georgia, United States I122775
150 Prince, Brittain F.  1846Georgia, United States I382039
151 Prince, Delila  1830Georgia, United States I382031
152 Prince, Francis Luada  15 Sep 1885Georgia, United States I274321
153 Prince, George  1911Georgia, United States I255496
154 Prince, Green Jefferson  May 1861Georgia, United States I274319
155 Prince, Nettie  1922Georgia, United States I255495
156 Prince, William P.  1842Georgia, United States I382042
157 Pyburn, Robert Edgar  15 Jun 1891Georgia, United States I349045
158 Queen, Artie Victoria  19 Mar 1860Georgia, United States I392865
159 Ray, Elizabeth  1835Georgia, United States I327969
160 Ray, Henry B  Est 1841Georgia, United States I346851
161 Redd, Joshua Luther  27 Aug 1858Georgia, United States I343861
162 Reed, Calvin  1821Georgia, United States I73501
163 Reed, Sarah  1780Georgia, United States I344481
164 Reese, Mamie E.  1878Georgia, United States I311375
165 Rhodes, Lewis Bryant  Abt 1840Georgia, United States I361602
166 Richards, Martha E.  Aug 1882Georgia, United States I341124
167 Roark, Ida Ann  16 Aug 1871Georgia, United States I354189
168 Roberts, Mary  Abt 1834Georgia, United States I7179
169 Roddy, Mary C.  9 Jun 1832Georgia, United States I312421
170 Rogers, Eliza  Oct 1854Georgia, United States I345307
171 Rogers, Lillian J.  22 Oct 1889Georgia, United States I119203
172 Rush, Emma Lee  27 luglio 1872Georgia, United States I365738
173 Sanders, Alice Melinda  3 Dec 1903Georgia, United States I115997
174 Satterfield, Beulah Edna  17 Dec 1896Georgia, United States I354187
175 Satterfield, John T.  1865Georgia, United States I354188
176 Scruggs, Lee  Abt 1911Georgia, United States I336248
177 Sewell, Mary Ann Frances  1839Georgia, United States I361603
178 Sexton, Mary Ann  Abt 1798Georgia, United States I247718
179 Shaffer, Nena Rachel  26 Aug 1908Georgia, United States I273275
180 Shepperd, Issac  Abt 1788Georgia, United States I346059
181 Simmons, Mary P  7 Aug 1811Georgia, United States I386251
182 Smedley, Thomas H.  1906Georgia, United States I311003
183 Smith, Dorcas  Aug 1818Georgia, United States I312772
184 Smith, Elisabeth  Abt 1814Georgia, United States I374785
185 Smith, Reuben  Abt 1895Georgia, United States I118180
186 Sparks, Lucinda  21 Mar 1816Georgia, United States I83548
187 Stancil, Charles Elmer  1898Georgia, United States I341121
188 Stancil, Harris A.  28 Jul 1917Georgia, United States I273832
189 Standridge, John Wesley  1816Georgia, United States I244201
190 Stephenson, Sarah  1822Georgia, United States I130390
191 Stone, Anna Mae  1897Georgia, United States I262475
192 Sullivan, James Sylvester  1813Georgia, United States I336737
193 Sumner, Winnie  1811Georgia, United States I283884
194 Tanner, Lanner  5 May 1925Georgia, United States I268709
195 Taylor, Seaborne Jones  1780Georgia, United States I344480
196 Thomas, Marchant  1771Georgia, United States I88783
197 Thornton, Maggie Elizabeth  29 Nov 1845Georgia, United States I381293
198 Tipton, Margaret  Abt 1836Georgia, United States I302506
199 Trody, Hattie  Nov 1895Georgia, United States I388838
200 Walker, Ollie Louise  13 Jan 1902Georgia, United States I274403
201 Walker, Pearl Maggie  21 Mar 1894Georgia, United States I112952
202 Whesenant, Eliza  May 1829Georgia, United States I74429
203 Williams, George M  1795Georgia, United States I333284
204 Wilson, Jason Frank  1849Georgia, United States I394424
205 Wood, Rachael Rebecca  28 Nov 1850Georgia, United States I347584
206 Woodard, Jane  Abt 1812Georgia, United States I72777
207 Wright, Edith  1819Georgia, United States I116553
208 Wright, _____  1832Georgia, United States I304578
209 Young, Mary  1794Georgia, United States I390978


Matches 1 to 73 of 73

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Adams, Ruby June  8 May 2010Georgia, United States I14977
2 Allison, Sallie  1904Georgia, United States I297250
3 Anderson, George Wiley  Abt 1860Georgia, United States I304705
4 Ashley, Jesse G.  1862Georgia, United States I87688
5 Ashley, Nancy  Abt 1852Georgia, United States I87687
6 Back, Lula Mae  20 Oct 1994Georgia, United States I78734
7 Bailey, James  1838Georgia, United States I131251
8 Bailey, Nathaniel  1838Georgia, United States I131245
9 Barker, William Homer  27 Apr 1954Georgia, United States I314513
10 Barrett, James  1855Georgia, United States I298730
11 Beach, Alma  23 Jun 2006Georgia, United States I16280
12 Blevins, Keturah  19 Jan 1872Georgia, United States I280031
13 Bowers, Nancy  12 Mar 1896Georgia, United States I354628
14 Brown, Moses  26 Jun 1864Georgia, United States I294708
15 Buchanan, John D.  1863Georgia, United States I350463
16 Campbell, Carl Edward  20 Mar 1976Georgia, United States I307891
17 Caudill, William Henry  24 Jun 1941Georgia, United States I74276
18 Colley, James  5 Sep 1835Georgia, United States I126579
19 Collier, Columbus W.  From 1930 to 1935Georgia, United States I375791
20 Cox, Susan  27 Dec 1818Georgia, United States I268124
21 Cunningham, Margaret  1827Georgia, United States I23496
22 Cureton, Virgil Leon  Jan 1972Georgia, United States I117993
23 Epperson, William Miles  1915Georgia, United States I312987
24 Fields, Glenn Tyree  20 Jan 1933Georgia, United States I245395
25 Franklin, Abednego L.  11 Jul 1844Georgia, United States I1889
26 Franklin, Maude Laura  22 Aug 1944Georgia, United States I249231
27 Franklin, Meredith Marion  Aft 1920Georgia, United States I233506
28 Franklin, Nancy Malinda  3 Aug 1944Georgia, United States I233508
29 Franklin, Nancy Martin  1906Georgia, United States I233533
30 Franklin, William Dobson  Aft 1910Georgia, United States I1738
31 Gasser, Martha S  15 Jan 1952Georgia, United States I286996
32 Gross, John D.  26 Mar 1893Georgia, United States I85966
33 Haddix, Mervin Eugene  22 Aug 1982Georgia, United States I313653
34 Harwell, Sally  Georgia, United States I269418
35 Hill, Amos Jackson  6 Mar 1917Georgia, United States I347583
36 Hill, Amos Polk  29 Dec 1952Georgia, United States I268205
37 Holbrook, Sarah  11 Nov 1859Georgia, United States I247384
38 Holbrook, William  13 Jan 1844Georgia, United States I247397
39 Holbrook, William Edy  20 Nov 1833Georgia, United States I13509
40 Holcomb, Mary  26 Feb 1901Georgia, United States I279253
41 Hooks, Mary Charmaine  12 Mar 2010Georgia, United States I8552
42 Jent, James Noah  1 Oct 1981Georgia, United States I268707
43 Kilgore, John  Abt 1880Georgia, United States I241099
44 Kincaid, John  3 Sep 1908Georgia, United States I382248
45 Laprade, Haveland Trenton  Georgia, United States I249359
46 Lucas, Juanita  20 Jan 1984Georgia, United States I235264
47 Mathews, William  Georgia, United States I314661
48 Maxwell, Catherine  1800Georgia, United States I270329
49 Mercer, Zellie  14 Oct 1999Georgia, United States I248331
50 Moncrief, Willie Henry  1903Georgia, United States I297249
51 Mullins, Agnes  Bef 1810Georgia, United States I91674
52 Polly, Ronnie Dalewood  13 Apr 2013Georgia, United States I337388
53 Prince, Delila  1875Georgia, United States I382031
54 Prince, William D.  Aft 1850Georgia, United States I382032
55 Randolph, Sarah  1805Georgia, United States I300617
56 Richards, Martha E.  1967Georgia, United States I341124
57 Sanders, Jesse  1792Georgia, United States I126654
58 Scaggs, Beecher  Georgia, United States I294110
59 Sexton, Augustus  Georgia, United States I86551
60 Slone, Verble  31 Mar 2001Georgia, United States I316629
61 Tallent, Louise  Bef 1904Georgia, United States I252191
62 Tanner, Lanner  1 Oct 1981Georgia, United States I268709
63 Tashiro, Suzuko  2006Georgia, United States I349667
64 Taylor, William T.  1840Georgia, United States I254640
65 Terrell, Millicent  1800Georgia, United States I88933
66 Thomas, Jett  6 Jan 1817Georgia, United States I268123
67 Tolben, Mary  Abt 1825Georgia, United States I13512
68 Walters, Jean  3 Nov 1952Georgia, United States I74277
69 Watson, Odessa  11 Feb 2003Georgia, United States I2302
70 Wheeler, Sarah  1850Georgia, United States I254641
71 Wright, Mary  Aft 1860Georgia, United States I124994
72 Yochum, Barbara Jean  22 Mar 2005Georgia, United States I313654
73 Yonts, Jack Lowell  17 Mar 1996Georgia, United States I363071


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 McCall, George Washington  1897Georgia, United States I322900


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Franklin, Samuel Joseph  1870Georgia, United States I260615


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Elected    Person ID 
1 Mathews, George  1786Georgia, United States I6203
2 Mathews, George  4 Mar 1789–3 Mar 1791Georgia, United States I6203
3 Mathews, George  Between 1793 and 1796Georgia, United States I6203


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved    Person ID 
1 Barksdale, Lt. John  Abt 1792Georgia, United States I23346
2 Holbrook, William Edy  Bef 1790Georgia, United States I13509
3 Mathews, George  1784Georgia, United States I6203


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Adams, Denver Isom  24 Dec 2002Georgia, United States I244104


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Basham / Holland  14 Jul 1912Georgia, United States F104546
2 Bellew / Franklin  20 Nov 1864Georgia, United States F101311
3 Franklin / Davis  Abt 1920Georgia, United States F101157
4 Franklin / Oldham  26 Feb 1910Georgia, United States F93286
5 Frith / Yontz  1950Georgia, United States F97996
6 Hackworth / Preston  1788Georgia, United States F39633
7 Harden / Hampton  22 Dec 1951Georgia, United States F36171
8 Johnston / Ashley  Abt 1844Georgia, United States F103660
9 Pigman / Thompson  13 Jun 1782Georgia, United States F2507
10 Rensel / Callahan  23 Apr 1950Georgia, United States F45870
11 Roberts / Caudill  Georgia, United States F41481
12 Stancil / Holbert  Abt 1916Georgia, United States F135939
13 Standridge / Meek  1832Georgia, United States F93390
14 Williams / Barnette  1949Georgia, United States F50319
15 Wright / Cox  9 Aug 1911Georgia, United States F98700


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Mathews / Cunningham  1794Georgia, United States F9584