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Florida, United States


Parish : Latitude: 28.7502806, Longitude: -82.5002806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Victoria  25 Sep 1926Florida, United States I241005
2 Bell, Edith Mildred  10 Jul 1901Florida, United States I23455
3 Bradley, Susan  1789Florida, United States I375044
4 Brashear, Edna  1924Florida, United States I267058
5 Christian, Frank William  28 Jan 1893Florida, United States I374715
6 Crews, Lottie Clara  3 Nov 1897Florida, United States I374716
7 Doe, Rockwood Niles  25 May 1894Florida, United States I104671
8 Green, Ruby Helen  9 Jun 1912Florida, United States I285445
9 Hair, Marcus H.  1856Florida, United States I340341
10 Ledbetter, Ethel Harman  Dec 1886Florida, United States I236737
11 Moore, Laura Pearl  30 Oct 1857Florida, United States I377966
12 Whitted, Charles Donald  24 Aug 1927Florida, United States I282482


Matches 1 to 166 of 166

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Adams, Holly  26 Dec 1998Florida, United States I131938
2 Addington, Sarah Ann  9 Jul 1998Florida, United States I243639
3 Alley, Orris B.  21 Jul 1995Florida, United States I78956
4 Amburgey, Gladys  20 May 1987Florida, United States I239118
5 Amburgey, Prova  8 Feb 1982Florida, United States I78319
6 Anderson, Vivian Pansy  28 Jun 1997Florida, United States I96757
7 Back, Rebecca M.  Jul 2001Florida, United States I108305
8 Bates Sinor, Elsie Layton  15 Apr 1998Florida, United States I256570
9 Bentley, Laura Jane  10 Dec 1985Florida, United States I5273
10 Berryman, Omer Gay  12 Oct 1993Florida, United States I406689
11 Biggs, John Edwin  4 Jan 1953Florida, United States I380680
12 Black, Bertha Beatrice  23 Dec 1969Florida, United States I30623
13 Blair, Charles Montague  18 Nov 1932Florida, United States I13406
14 Blair, Clifford  31 Aug 1984Florida, United States I14332
15 Blair, Don  29 Jul 1990Florida, United States I77470
16 Blankenbeckler, Henry A  21 Feb 1941Florida, United States I301379
17 Boggs, Savannah  5 Mar 1986Florida, United States I286836
18 Bolling, Samantha Emmaline  18 Sep 1941Florida, United States I390850
19 Branham, Delsie Mae  11 Feb 1983Florida, United States I78522
20 Branham, Fayetta  Florida, United States I267915
21 Brashear, Rev. William E.  30 Sep 1907Florida, United States I25152
22 Breeding, Clementina  Florida, United States I133805
23 Breeding, Cullen Jr.  28 May 2019Florida, United States I286256
24 Brown, Jane  1998Florida, United States I129029
25 Brown, Richard  29 Nov 2004Florida, United States I85463
26 Browning, Ellen Melisa  6 May 1922Florida, United States I329663
27 Bruce, Ethel Kathleen  7 Sep 2005Florida, United States I373474
28 Burton, Arizona Bonnie  1968Florida, United States I255985
29 Butler, Mary Ellen  3 May 2007Florida, United States I406896
30 Campbell, Zona  19 Sep 2012Florida, United States I317170
31 Cantrell, Dewey Ishmael  3 Sep 1984Florida, United States I129525
32 Cartmell, Flora  Florida, United States I28940
33 Caudill, Lee  15 Jan 2001Florida, United States I111289
34 Caudill, Myrtle E  9 Oct 1979Florida, United States I104170
35 Chandler, Ben F  20 Feb 1970Florida, United States I373360
36 Chapman, Thomas Jefferson  Abt 1957Florida, United States I30647
37 Christian, Frank William  22 Mar 1964Florida, United States I374715
38 Collier, Eliza Bella  10 Aug 1964Florida, United States I290955
39 Collins, Beatrice  Apr 1983Florida, United States I232062
40 Collins, Dave  28 Apr 1994Florida, United States I280900
41 Collins, Opal  2008Florida, United States I116781
42 Colwell, Patricia Ann  2015Florida, United States I261866
43 Combs, Andy  15 Feb 2018Florida, United States I305924
44 Combs, Brackson C.  14 Apr 1949Florida, United States I283672
45 Combs, Cornia  30 May 2003Florida, United States I248417
46 Combs, Fielden  2 Oct 1956Florida, United States I283669
47 Combs, Haskell  19 Mar 2009Florida, United States I314047
48 Combs, Jane  Florida, United States I5019
49 Combs, Julia Beatrice  1985Florida, United States I3667
50 Combs, Lennie  1985Florida, United States I262594
51 Combs, Lovella  10 Jun 2009Florida, United States I102476
52 Combs, Nancy  Aug 1972Florida, United States I101474
53 Combs, Otis Woodrow  4 Apr 1996Florida, United States I103012
54 Cornett, Lucy  21 Jul 1995Florida, United States I80914
55 Cornett, Susan  23 Aug 1998Florida, United States I80915
56 Craft, Floyd  13 Jun 1975Florida, United States I280687
57 Craft, Laverne  Nov 1983Florida, United States I1953
58 Crews, Lottie Clara  23 Jun 1960Florida, United States I374716
59 Dennis, Hermia E.  1950Florida, United States I96446
60 Dennis, Irma Irene  20 Jul 1991Florida, United States I96755
61 Depew, Morris Eugene  3 Jun 2007Florida, United States I119231
62 Deutschman, Harold Edward  18 Jul 1977Florida, United States I105963
63 Engle, William Robert  26 Jan 2005Florida, United States I132638
64 Feltner, Grace  1969Florida, United States I368547
65 Ferguson, David Campbell  18 Apr 1902Florida, United States I329659
66 Fields, Leroy Wilson  2 Dec 1951Florida, United States I22520
67 Fields, Maudie  7 Feb 1986Florida, United States I301937
68 Figg, Oneida  1998Florida, United States I262599
69 Fleming, Estes Ray  18 Aug 1979Florida, United States I12552
70 Francis, Jimmy Oneil  4 Feb 2007Florida, United States I381460
71 Franklin, George W.  30 Apr 1976Florida, United States I25
72 Frazier, Earl  24 Apr 1972Florida, United States I245957
73 Frith, Thomas R.  2006Florida, United States I259951
74 Gibson, Margaret Otey  2000Florida, United States I247209
75 Goins, Erma Lee  28 Oct 2016Florida, United States I306171
76 Goodbread, Phillip  1839Florida, United States I84456
77 Gray, Belle Craig  8 Jan 1928Florida, United States I385552
78 Gray, Robert Ernest  1986Florida, United States I262601
79 Green, Maurice Brady  30 Jun 1990Florida, United States I114573
80 Griffith, Joseph Edward  17 Mar 1961Florida, United States I345628
81 Hall, Charles Jr.  18 Dec 1940Florida, United States I89318
82 Hall, Enoch Combs  Jan 1978Florida, United States I102644
83 Hall, James Bradley  21 Mar 2018Florida, United States I4038
84 Hall, Joseph Edward  1953Florida, United States I540
85 Hall, Linzie  Florida, United States I8712
86 Hall, Patricia Ann  Aft 1998Florida, United States I15583
87 Hall, Verna  Florida, United States I105952
88 Harrison, Jackie  2013Florida, United States I310
89 Helton, Beulah Pansy  1 Jul 2019Florida, United States I365158
90 Hicks, Ernest Melvin  21 Oct 2005Florida, United States I400887
91 Holbrook, Mabel  2 Apr 2002Florida, United States I78321
92 Holcomb, Edna  20 May 1996Florida, United States I390394
93 Hounshell, Elizabeth  1978Florida, United States I247931
94 Howard, Bobby Gene  24 Jan 2009Florida, United States I259976
95 Hubert, Rev. Thomas Shivers  Florida, United States I102059
96 Hurt, Isabell  31 Aug 1986Florida, United States I101995
97 Jenkins, Elbert E.  Florida, United States I93504
98 Johnson, Betty Jean  8 May 2004Florida, United States I405334
99 Johnson, Eva Jane  1984Florida, United States I263180
100 Johnson, Hiram  26 Mar 1985Florida, United States I104434
101 Jones, Dewey Vrgil  Florida, United States I402430
102 Json, Stella  14 Sep 1975Florida, United States I283708
103 Kass, Robert Drews  21 Mar 1995Florida, United States I98045
104 Killen, Vergie  31 Oct 1983Florida, United States I286811
105 Kincer, Claude  28 Feb 2004Florida, United States I87429
106 Kincer, Roy E  30 Sep 1998Florida, United States I298393
107 Kiser, Robert Lee  7 Oct 1986Florida, United States I244318
108 Lequire, Artie  1968Florida, United States I254564
109 Lewis, Jefferson Franklin  Mar 1986Florida, United States I235406
110 Lewis, Wilma Lee  22 Oct 2005Florida, United States I114395
111 Little, Glenn  6 Aug 1980Florida, United States I328
112 Lucas, Evelyn J.  13 Apr 2009Florida, United States I352958
113 McCloud, Anderson  14 Mar 1971Florida, United States I16514
114 McGraw, Emma Jean  19 Sep 1999Florida, United States I356073
115 Mckeon, Marjorie  10 Feb 1994Florida, United States I257867
116 Meade, Jackie  24 Sep 2008Florida, United States I278838
117 Meade, Martha  9 Mar 1965Florida, United States I299857
118 Messer, Sally Belle  12 Feb 1995Florida, United States I110393
119 Mohn, Willis  4 Jul 1976Florida, United States I471
120 Moore, Josephine  25 May 1993Florida, United States I231261
121 Morton, Kermit  22 Sep 1964Florida, United States I254126
122 Mullins, Evans Spencer  11 Jan 1963Florida, United States I112076
123 Mullins, John Andrew  3 May 1986Florida, United States I34131
124 Newsom, Casey  6 Aug 1975Florida, United States I284830
125 Osborn, Allen Andrew  Feb 1981Florida, United States I401444
126 Owen, Thomas D.  14 Mar 1980Florida, United States I31806
127 Perry, John Lionel  Aft 1920Florida, United States I292577
128 Perry, Ona Mae  27 Mar 1983Florida, United States I292734
129 Peters, Lois Jerred  11 May 1999Florida, United States I395409
130 Peters, Nellie T  Oct 1985Florida, United States I114263
131 Pilkenton, Dorothy Delia  Aug 1984Florida, United States I254944
132 Pratt, Matilda  Florida, United States I252186
133 Pratt, Rosie Lee  Florida, United States I1156
134 Quillen, Nora Jane  15 Mar 1989Florida, United States I33820
135 Quillen, Richard  21 Feb 1965Florida, United States I33816
136 Rasnick, Margaret Sophrona  12 Apr 1990Florida, United States I296666
137 Reardon, Elma  10 Dec 2012Florida, United States I405998
138 Reed, Inez Virginia  27 Feb 1985Florida, United States I72397
139 Reed, Sara Delphia  21 Apr 1994Florida, United States I72392
140 Reedy, John Wesley  22 Nov 1924Florida, United States I79214
141 Rippetoe, Alma  Florida, United States I453
142 Risner, Burrell Dean  5 Jun 2018Florida, United States I316499
143 Ritchie, Cora  Dec 1979Florida, United States I284829
144 Salley, Lillie Bell  1998Florida, United States I121580
145 Salyer, Clarence D  1966Florida, United States I283751
146 Seals, James Doyle  2 Sep 2006Florida, United States I332836
147 Semones, Carmen E.  31 Jan 1966Florida, United States I288607
148 Sergent, Wendell  12 Mar 1975Florida, United States I130803
149 Shirley, Andrew Jackson  1886Florida, United States I253179
150 Sizemore, Zerue  9 Oct 1983Florida, United States I269756
151 Skaggs, William Edford  20 Mar 2011Florida, United States I262868
152 Speer, Ruth Ann  18 Apr 1914Florida, United States I82935
153 Stacy, Marvin  5 Aug 1992Florida, United States I124609
154 Stallard, Pearlie Luemma  Oct 1985Florida, United States I83898
155 Stamper, Edna Ethel  22 Nov 1982Florida, United States I119538
156 Summers, Lewis Preston  19 Mar 2010Florida, United States I385645
157 Tinsley, Tuck Jr.  Jan 1985Florida, United States I108621
158 Toliver, Mattie  29 Jan 1969Florida, United States I253287
159 Tyler, Jesse  Florida, United States I16480
160 Tyler, Noah Hassell  Jan 1969Florida, United States I341185
161 Tyree, Shirley Ann  31 May 2003Florida, United States I348916
162 Vanover, Jessie  7 Sep 2009Florida, United States I262462
163 Webb, Rufus  29 Feb 2000Florida, United States I400542
164 Wells, Riley  28 Jan 1981Florida, United States I310780
165 Whitaker, Dr. Gideon  7 Jul 1967Florida, United States I72604
166 White, Myrtle  27 Jul 2016Florida, United States I379225


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Belt, Charles Edgar  Florida, United States I396522
2 Brown, Snowden  Florida, United States I128976
3 Henson, Ralph Douglas  Florida, United States I347095
4 Mckeon, Marjorie  1994Florida, United States I257867
5 Pratt, Jane  Florida, United States I70
6 Stanley, Ella  Florida, United States I348281
7 Taylor, Sally  Florida, United States I391233


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Adams, Johncie Lee  9 Mar 1994Florida, United States I261926
2 Brown, Mike Fontaine  29 Dec 1998Florida, United States I128987
3 Hall, Curtis  24 Sep 1991Florida, United States I4032
4 Hogg, Stephen P.  18 Aug 2013Florida, United States I24618
5 Wright, America Lera  4 Jan 2000Florida, United States I321


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mullins, Rhoda Marie  1976Florida, United States I34126
2 Mullins, Scott Bishop  Jun 1964Florida, United States I71810


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Elliott / Turner  1945Florida, United States F7463
2 Ferreira / Collins  11 Nov 1972Florida, United States F124915
3 Fullwood / Stanley  5 Jan 1897Florida, United States F158290
4 Hutton / Davis  26 Aug 1925Florida, United States F156825
5 Linthicum / Mohn  Abt 1956Florida, United States F471
6 Skaggs / Adams  11 Feb 1933Florida, United States F92959
7 Vanhoose / Stahman  1944Florida, United States F143990