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Brunswick, Virginia, United States  Brunswick, Virginia, United States


Brunswick, Virginia, United States
Brunswick, Brunswick, Virginia, United States
Saint Andrews Parish, Brunswick, Virginia, United States
Porto Bello, Brunswick, Virginia, United States

Primary Birth events within Brunswick, Virginia, United States

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Brewer, WilliamAbt 1752(here)3 Mar 1835Blount, Tennessee, _I134139
2 Browder, Mary Watkins1804(here)Yes, date unknown I324043
3 Caudill, BenjaminBetween 1725 and 1730(here)1777Anson, North Carolina, _I16378
4 Caudill, SampsonAbt 1722(here)1809Lunenburg, Lunenburg, _, _I118814
5 Caudle, John (here)Yes, date unknown I118816
6 Caudle, Richard (here)Yes, date unknown I118817
7 Claytor, Alvin II1806(here)Aft 1860Bedford, _, _I234925
8 Collier, Charles Miles Sr.1735Brunswick1814BrunswickI343769
9 Collier, IsaacAbt 1743(here)1787 I76600
10 Collier, MyhillAbt 1749(here)1802Oglethorpe, Georgia, _I130042
11 Collier, NancyAbt 1778(here)  I130043
12 Daniel, Margaret "Peggy"Abt 1795(here)  I342585
13 Goin, Thomas1755(here)22 May 1838Grainger, Tennessee, _I346518
14 Goodbread, PhilipAbt 1784(here)Abt 1869 I250278
15 Gwalthney, MaryAbt 1779(here)  I343414
16 Hackworth, George Davis Jr.28 Feb 1752(here)1815(here)I234920
17 Hall, Lansford1735(here)1799Franklin, _, _I9202
18 Hall, William1722(here)10 Nov 1774Frederick, _, _I9199
19 Hamilton, SarahAbt 1750(here)20 Apr 1806Greenbrier (Historic), _, _I297623
20 Harrison, Tabitha1749Porto Bello1789 I130038
21 Harrison, Thomas1751(here)1814 I130039
22 House, PhilipAbt 1776(here)1802(here)I130045
23 Hughes, Capt. John28 Oct 1758(here)26 Jul 1826Stokes, North Carolina, _I242990
24 Ledbetter, MaryAbt 1744(here)1825Rutherford, North Carolina, _I250273
25 Leftwich, James1779(here)7 Dec 1854Bedford, Bedford, _, _I234926
26 Lenoir, John P. H.Abt 1782(here)21 Dec 1814New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, _I234628
27 Little, David GeorgeAbt 1822(here)Between 1860 and 1880 I7372
28 Massey, Amelia<1730>(here)1777Cumberland, _, _I126621
29 Pate, Jeremiah Mathew Jr.Apr 1754(here)Jul 1812Montgomery, _, _I250288
30 Pauley, Edward DavidAbt 1730(here)Jun 1785Pittsylvania, _, _I4433
31 Preston, MaryAbt 1765BrunswickOct 1850Meigs, Tennessee, _I344015
32 Ratliff, Silas Sr1730(here)27 Feb 1811Patrick, _, _I318659
33 Ray, Benjamin C.Jan 1756Brunswick28 Jan 1841Russell, _, _I324898
34 Rose, TabithaAbt 1745(here)  I240952
35 Sadler, Henry J9 May 1780Saint Andrews Parish7 Jan 1850(here)I324050
36 Sadler, Mary A.Abt 1836(here)Aft 1880 I324046
37 Sadler, Thomas F.1808(here)1857(here)I324042
38 Short, MaryAbt 1815(here)  I322700
39 Short, RichardAbt 1812(here)  I322701
40 Steele, AlexanderAbt 1735(here)25 Jun 1808Campbell, _, _I86887
41 Stegall, Mastin20 Feb 1773(here)1845Morgan, Kentucky, _I237478
42 Stoddard, Frances Rebecca1820(here)Yes, date unknown I339206
43 Vaughan, Mary Elizabeth Rebecca3 Jul 1793(here)13 May 1835 I324051
44 Walker, Col. JamesAbt 1738(here)Dead USA. I242431
45 Wells, Susanna Stokes1730(here)1800Arkansas, _I246306

Primary Death events within Brunswick, Virginia, United States

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Collier, Charles Miles Sr.1814Brunswick1735BrunswickI343769
2 Collier, Isaac10 Oct 1771(here)Abt 1709Virginia, _I76602
3 Davis, BenjaminAbt 1817(here)1742Surry, _, _I240951
4 Flournoy, Thomas27 Dec 1892(here)25 Jul 1804Charlotte, _, _I31509
5 Hackworth, George Davis Jr.1815(here)28 Feb 1752(here)I234920
6 House, Philip1802(here)Abt 1776(here)I130045
7 Lanier, Nicholas23 Apr 1779(here)1690Charles City, Prince George, _, _I131255
8 Mead, AndrewAbt 1795(here)Abt 1747Nansemond, _, _I242370
9 Nance, Mary1773(here)1700Prince George, Prince George, _, _I131256
10 Sadler, Henry J7 Jan 1850(here)9 May 1780Saint Andrews ParishI324050
11 Sadler, Thomas F.1857(here)1808(here)I324042
12 Venable, Frances Matthews16 Aug 1863(here)1809Haymarket, Prince Edward, _, _I31510
13 Wright, Mary1734(here)Abt 1695Prince George, _, _I240095

Primary Burial events within Brunswick, Virginia, United States

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Collier, Isaac12 Oct 1771(here)Abt 1709Virginia, _10 Oct 1771(here)I76602
2 Sadler, Henry J7 Jan 1850(here)9 May 1780Saint Andrews Parish7 Jan 1850(here)I324050

Birth events within Brunswick, Virginia, United States

   Name  Birth BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Brewer, WilliamAbt 1752(here)Abt 1752(here)3 Mar 1835Blount, Tennessee, _I134139

Misc events within Brunswick, Virginia, United States

   Name  Misc BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Caudill, Sampson4 Aug 1747(here)Abt 1722(here)1809Lunenburg, Lunenburg, _, _I118814
2 ''5 Aug 1747(here)''''''''''

Tnsfr events within Brunswick, Virginia, United States

   Name  Tnsfr BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Caudill, Sampson28 Nov 1758(here)Abt 1722(here)1809Lunenburg, Lunenburg, _, _I118814

Primary Marriage events within Brunswick, Virginia, United States

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Aristotle Eldridge / Anne Lanier1 Jun 1785(here)F102087
2 John Brown / Elizabeth Davis24 Feb 1800(here)F36562
3 John William Haymore / Rebecca Magee14 Aug 1791(here)F118054
4 Myhill Collier / Tabitha Harrison26 Nov 1769(here)F52248
5 Peter Avent / Amelia Massey3 Jun 1742(here)F51652
6 Philip House / Nancy Collier22 Jan 1799(here)F52249
7 Thomas F. Sadler / Mary Watkins Browder30 Sep 1838(here)F128213
8 William Bailey / Sarah Lanier (here)F51188

Tnsfr events within Brunswick, Virginia, United States

   Family  Tnsfr MarriageFamily ID
1 Sampson Caudill / Martha Hall9 Mar 1762(here)Abt 1743 F49077