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Surry, Virginia, United States  Surry, Virginia, United States


Surry, Virginia, United States
Claremont, Surry, Virginia, United States
Surry, Surry, Virginia, United States
Albemarle Parish, Surry, Virginia, United States
Hogg Island, Surry, Virginia, United States
Sussex, Surry, Virginia, United States

Primary Birth events within Surry, Virginia, United States

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Adams, Spencer1737(here)1830Dallas, Alabama, _I5123
2 Adkins, William18 Oct 1763(here)1822Sussex, _, _I236157
3 Avant, Elizabeth12 Sep 1752(here)1844Lee, _, _I71755
4 Avent, Peter1720Sussex8 May 1779South Hampton, Norfolk, _, _I126620
5 Brewer, ElizabethAbt 1750(here) Grayson, _, _I292808
6 Brewer, Oliver Lanier1708(here)1792North Carolina, _I134193
7 Cocke, Henry (here)1777 I32885
8 Combs, MaryBetween 1788 and 1796(here)Aft 1810Boyle, Kentucky, _I21365
9 Davis, Benjamin1742(here)Abt 1817Brunswick, _, _I240951
10 Dean, Nancy Pernina27 Sep 1794(here)Oct 1884Thomas, Floyd, Kentucky, _I94522
11 Hamon, Robert1758Surry  I247573
12 Holt, Katherine1708(here)Abt 1774(here)I32886
13 Holt, Capt. Thomas1669Hogg IslandAbt 1730Hogg IslandI236372
14 Hyde, Mary Sarah5 Apr 1729(here)Sep 1779Culpeper, _, _I332576
15 Johnson, Martha<1670>(here)  I235286
16 Lucas, William1688(here)Abt 1739/40 I235285
17 Polly, Edward David1713(here)30 Aug 1770Pittsylvania, _, _I4454
18 Riner, John H.28 Dec 1830(here)12 Aug 1909Scott, _, _I98603
19 Rose, Ann1692(here)  I250286
20 Russell, Phillip John14 Feb 1745(here)23 Jan 1792Wythe, _, _I292807
21 Taylor, Etheldred III1733(here)14 Aug 1766 I278388
22 Tyree, John1725Albemarle Parish1793Wilkes, North Carolina, _I302463
23 Young, Drury11 Apr 1754(here)1828Perry (Now Knott), Kentucky, _I74560

Primary Christened events within Surry, Virginia, United States

   Name  Christened BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Adkins, William11 Dec 1763(here)18 Oct 1763(here)1822Sussex, _, _I236157
2 Hunt, John Elias17 Jan 1751/2Albemarle Parish18 Nov 1751Lunenburg, Virginia, British America19 Sep 1796Russell, _, _I329403
3 Ivey, Aaron4 Apr 1756(here)28 Feb 1755Albemarle, _, _5 Dec 1805 I233380
4 McGee, David Sr.23 Dec 1739(here)15 Aug 1739Surry, North Carolina, _Jan 1815Beaver Creek Township, Wilkes, North Carolina, _I293511
5 Sanders, William13 Nov 1748(here)1718Wicomico, Gloucester, _, _22 Nov 1799 I126656

Primary Death events within Surry, Virginia, United States

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Avent, Col. Thomas3 Oct 1757(here)Abt 1669Wembury, Devon, England, United KingdomI126622
2 Boggs, Ava Pearl18 Jan 1997Claremont12 Nov 1904Lick Fork, Dickenson, _, _I73557
3 Gentry, Arthur (here)1794North Carolina, _I241536
4 Holt, KatherineAbt 1774(here)1708(here)I32886
5 Holt, Capt. ThomasAbt 1730Hogg Island1669Hogg IslandI236372
6 Mitchell, Henry IV27 Mar 1754(here)Abt 1718Albemarle, _, _I126764
7 Pierce, Jeremiah1793(here)16 Feb 1718Perquimans, North Carolina, _I329414
8 Threewitts, John M.20 Mar 1749(here)1690Virginia, _I231422
9 Webb, Stephen1659(here)1595Willesborough, Kent, England, United KingdomI123407

Primary Burial events within Surry, Virginia, United States

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Avent, Col. Thomas1757(here)Abt 1669Wembury, Devon, England, United Kingdom3 Oct 1757(here)I126622
2 Gooch, Claiborne (here)1662New Kent, Hanover, _, _1714Charles, Maryland, _I126625

Birth events within Surry, Virginia, United States

   Name  Birth BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Brewer, Oliver Lanier1708(here)1708(here)1792North Carolina, _I134193
2 Caudill, Mary SarahAbt 1755(here)1755Virginia, _1825Wilkes, North Carolina, _I93723

Primary Marriage events within Surry, Virginia, United States

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Aaron Ivey / Elizabeth FranklinAbt 1779(here)F90157
2 Carter Bassett Harrison / Mary Howell Allen15 Jan 1787(here)F100866
3 David Bell / Rebecca Patrick20 Aug 1800(here)F91931