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Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States  Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States


Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

The independent city of Richmond was located within Henrico County until a state constitutional change in 1871 created independent cities. 

Mount Calvary Cemetery, Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

Primary Birth events within Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Anderson, Francis Edmonia7 Sep 1907(here)15 Aug 1999(here)I291193
2 Anderson, Mary Bruce1858(here)13 May 1936 I277443
3 Baker, Gordon Haskell8 Apr 1885(here)3 Dec 1947 I22753
4 Baker, Samuel13 Jul 1711(here)1751Lunenburg, _, _I97985
5 Ball, Marion M.27 May 1890(here)  I248737
6 Bland, Viola CatherineDec 1895(here)1 Nov 1983Richmond, Richmond (city), _, _I289991
7 Branham, David Sr.1735(here)Bef 24 Jan 1825Big Mud Creek, Floyd, Kentucky, _I21371
8 Bruce, Sally Archer14 Feb 1876(here)27 Apr 1962Laurel, Prince George's, Maryland, _I83430
9 Fergusson, Edgar Chandler7 Oct 1913(here)29 Aug 1998Maricopa, Arizona, _I105964
10 Hudgins, Thomas William9 Sep 1830(here)22 Dec 1898Morehead, Rowan, Kentucky, _I16106
11 Jones, Dorothy1735(here)1792Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, _I242286
12 Kramer, Dorothea P23 Mar 1880(here)16 Jan 1931 I311176
13 Martin, Joel1792(here)23 Jul 1869Garrett, Floyd, Kentucky, _I12903
14 Milner, AliceJul 1752(here)May 1799 I87331
15 Powell, Margaret1718(here)1745Goochland, _, _I234176
16 Samford, Mary1650(here)1682Virginia, _I87335
17 Sydnor, Epaphroditus2 May 1715(here)17 Mar 1756(here)I87328
18 Webster, Aaron7 Apr 1687(here)Aft 1700Virginia, _I234177
19 Webster, Nathaniel29 Nov 1714(here)19 Jan 1801Goochland, _, _I234175
20 Williams, Judith Armistead31 Oct 1743(here)Aft Jul 1818 I23445

Primary Death events within Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

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   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Adkins, William Vincent1774(here)28 Mar 1689Charles City, _, _I230922
2 Anderson, Francis Edmonia15 Aug 1999(here)7 Sep 1907(here)I291193
3 Bell, WilliamMar 1826(here)1756 I29614
4 Bland, Wilbur Francis1 Mar 1925(here)8 Sep 1869Richmond, Richmond (city), _, _I289996
5 Bolling, Col. Robert Jr.Jul 1775(here)17 Aug 1738Varina, Henrico, Virginia, British AmericaI27582
6 Booker, Thomas1789(here)Abt 1756United StatesI246759
7 Burke, John DoyleNov 1975(here)24 Sep 1912Lee, Kentucky, _I95533
8 Burke, Larry James24 Feb 2002(here)6 Mar 1948Jeffersonville, Clark, Indiana, _I110875
9 Combs, Everett Randolph5 Jan 1957(here)18 Jan 1876Russell, _, _I101472
10 Compton, Stella Vida30 Apr 1976(here)10 Oct 1903Scott, _, _I314921
11 Cooper, Virginia K.23 Sep 1991(here)20 Jan 1910Lee, Kentucky, _I95534
12 Cornett, Walter Nichols18 Aug 1977(here)20 Nov 1905Linden, Wise, _, _I109354
13 Craddock, Hallie Bailey23 Apr 1900(here)26 Jul 1854Halifax, _, _I23410
14 Crockford, William Hamilton24 Dec 1910(here)15 Aug 1843High seas enroute to U.S.I314454
15 Dandridge, Richard Allen11 Apr 1850(here)15 Jun 1784Hanover, Virginia, British AmericaI306058
16 Dennis, John Anderson9 Oct 1862(here)16 Mar 1838Morgan, Kentucky, _I96618
17 Dozier, Margaret1751(here)1715Virginia, _I97986
18 Elrod, William GBef 1870(here)1 Mar 1830Georgia, _I288409
19 Fugate, Pruner Lee6 Jun 2000(here)10 Jan 1927Virginia, _I293853
20 Goff, William James9 May 1945(here)1 Oct 1866Washington, Tennessee, _I290764
21 Goode, Lona Marie1 Sep 1956(here)19 Mar 1897 I289710
22 Goode, Lottie Moon1 May 1911(here)3 Mar 1874Chesterfield, _, _I289712
23 Goode, Victor Seddin9 Aug 1924(here)16 Apr 1871Chesterfield, _, _I289711
24 Hannah, Rev Samuel Brady14 Feb 1863(here)Abt 1801Pennsylvania, _I32386
25 Harrison, Nancy Ann Hartwell29 Jul 1892(here)18 Feb 1819Cumberland, _, _I97473
26 Hawkins, Matilda Harriet16 Oct 1941(here)Jan 1848Virginia, _I324161
27 Jones, Alice22 Mar 1961(here)20 Feb 1888Norton, Wise, _, _I290880
28 Jones, Alpha Marion25 Mar 1957(here)14 Oct 1883Wise, _, _I290917
29 Kerrick, Lavinia Belle21 Mar 1958(here)24 May 1871Loudoun, _, _I289997
30 Kinney, Rebecca Farrar8 Aug 1899(here)14 Mar 1822Staunton, Augusta, _, _I287833
31 Litton, Pvt. Andrew Jackson26 Aug 1864(here)1 Jan 1826Whitley, Kentucky, _I325761
32 Loflin, Elmer Crate23 Mar 1970(here)18 Jul 1892New Hope, Randolph, North Carolina, _I289990
33 Macon, Miles Cary15 Mar 1851(here)13 Aug 1791New Kent, New Kent, _, _I331428
34 McGlothlin, Matthew Or Nathaniel14 Jun 1863(here)Abt 1824Wythe, _, _I336865
35 Neal, Armstead Peyton31 Jan 1918(here)2 Jul 1847Virginia, _I335484
36 Neal, Lillian Victoria28 Dec 1971(here)3 Jun 1915Rose Hill, Lee, _, _I329431
37 Pruitt, Eldora11 Jul 1968(here)7 Apr 1880North Carolina, _I290982
38 Pugh, Clark W.16 Feb 1865(here)1830Floyd, _, _I5740
39 Reynolds, Miles15 Jul 1862(here)Abt 1827Randolph, North Carolina, _I97535
40 Richmond, Lawrence C14 Apr 1960(here)30 Nov 1898Duffield, Scott, _, _I290836
41 Rimmer, Unus Lorenzo2 Mar 1930(here)9 Jul 1877Saltville, Smyth, _, _I290879
42 Sowder, J.1862(here)1819Floyd, _, _I242829
43 Spangler, Nellie Jane19 Aug 1965(here)14 Mar 1872Lee, _, _I6838
44 Spann, Elizabeth22 Jun 1759(here)1673Northumberland, Virginia, British AmericaI87333
45 Stallard, Beecher Ernest29 Oct 1991(here)5 Aug 1905Nickelsville, Scott, _, _I291190
46 Stallard, Lola Veatrice9 Mar 2012(here)14 Aug 1924Virginia, _I345007
47 Stallard, Vernis15 Mar 1981(here)9 Apr 1922Pound, Wise, _, _I345006
48 Suit, Rachel Hendricks29 Oct 1933(here)30 Mar 1864Hansonville, Russell, _, _I323550
49 Sydnor, Epaphroditus17 Mar 1756(here)2 May 1715(here)I87328
50 Underwood, Elizabeth1692(here)1608Culmstock, Devon, England, United KingdomI124527

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Primary Burial events within Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Adkins, Leslie1969(here)22 Aug 1901Pike, Kentucky, _13 Jan 1969 I71208
2 Ambler, Mary Willis (here)17 Mar 1766Virginia, _25 Dec 1831 I98684
3 Baker, Samuel (here)1648York, Virginia, British AmericaAbt 1718Farnham Parish, Richmond, Virginia, British AmericaI308896
4 Dandridge, Richard AllenApr 1850(here)15 Jun 1784Hanover, Virginia, British America11 Apr 1850(here)I306058
5 Ferrell, Alfred1864(here)1824Hawkins, Tennessee, _1 Jul 1864 I312452
6 Hargis, Samuel1865(here)13 Nov 1828Corner, Russell, _, _13 Jan 1865 I325793
7 Kerrick, Lavinia Belle Mount Calvary Cemetery24 May 1871Loudoun, _, _21 Mar 1958(here)I289997
8 Macon, Miles Cary1851(here)13 Aug 1791New Kent, New Kent, _, _15 Mar 1851(here)I331428
9 Marshall, John (here)24 Sep 1755Fauquier, _, _6 Jul 1835Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, _I98683
10 Moran, William L. (here)1906Cabin Creek, Kanawha, West Virginia, _5 Jul 1971Richmond, Richmond (city), _, _I291152

Census events within Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

   Name  Census BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Hillard, Eulalia P.1900(here)28 Nov 1892Richmond, Richmond (city), _, _7 Sep 1982Stafford, _, _I283393
2 Reynolds, Carlton Thomas1930(here)26 Feb 1878Louisa, Lawrence, Kentucky, _5 Mar 1963Richmond, Richmond (city), _, _I249274
3 Reynolds, Frances1930(here)1917Virginia, _  I249275
4 Yates, Ellen1930(here)20 Apr 1880Louisa, Lawrence, Kentucky, _1978Washington, District of Columbia, _I249260

Education events within Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

   Name  Education BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Barksdale, Edward Robert (here)9 Oct 1864Roanoke, Roanoke (city), _, _8 Nov 1922Staunton, Augusta, _, _I23387
2 Dunlap, Lelia Christian8 May 1906(here)24 Feb 1878Virginia, _8 Feb 1970 I24639

Military events within Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

   Name  Military BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Collier, Brancil Lee29 Oct 1940(here)28 Feb 1924 6 Dec 1988Wise, _, _I286940
2 Poff, Lewis L.1862(here)1828Montgomery, _, _10 Oct 1862Sullivanville, _, _I23943

Misc events within Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

   Name  Misc BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bell, Maj. Henderson Moffatt27 Apr 1870(here)3 Jul 1826 9 Oct 1899Staunton, Augusta, _, _I72789
2 Elliott, Judge John MiltonFrom 18 Feb 1862 to 17 Feb 1864(here)16 May 1820Scott, _, _26 Mar 1879Frankfort, Franklin, Kentucky, _I35141
3 Flournoy, Hon. Thomas Stanhope1861(here)15 Dec 1811Prince Edward, _, _12 Mar 1883Halifax, _, _I82237

Moved events within Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

   Name  Moved BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Mathews, Col. Sampson1783(here)1737 20 Jan 1807Staunton, Augusta, _, _I374

PubServ events within Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

   Name  PubServ BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Moore, Gen. Samuel McDowell1861(here)9 Feb 1796Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, _17 Sep 1875Lexington, Rockbridge, _, _I90189

Residence events within Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Adkins, LeslieJan 1969(here)22 Aug 1901Pike, Kentucky, _13 Jan 1969 I71208
2 Enos, Betty Ann1900(here)12 Jun 1900Richmond, Richmond (city), _, _10 Mar 1984Norton, Norton (City), _, _I291180
3 Vaughan, Henry Maury1900(here)22 Nov 1869Hanover, Virginia, British America24 Oct 1918Centralia, Chesterfield, _, _I23422

Primary Marriage events within Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, United States

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Arthur Barksdale Kinsolving / Sally Archer Bruce5 Feb 1896(here)F34655
2 Charles Craddock Barksdale / Avis Walker Grant30 Apr 1914(here)F9546
3 Emmett Terrell Farley / Myrtle Clere Perry17 Sep 1913(here)F102778
4 George P. Baker / Hattie Cooke12 Dec 1867(here)F34643
5 George P. McGlothlin / Mary Elizabeth Hubbard27 Aug 1942(here)F112067
6 Samuel Baker / Margaret Dozier1736(here)F41054
7 Samuel Frayser / Elizabeth Frances Weymouth13 Dec 1821(here)F123028
8 William Sydnor / Judith Armistead Williams31 Oct 1763(here)F9556