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Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States  Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States


Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States
Benjamin Bolling Cemetery, Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States
Boyd Bolling Cemetery, Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States
Bolling Cemetery, Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States

Cemeteries within Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States

  Cemetery Name Cemetery Location Associated Burial Place
1.Benjamin Bolling CemeteryFlat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United StatesBenjamin Bolling Cemetery

Primary Birth events within Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States

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   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Back, Barnabas Boyd30 Nov 1882(here)3 Oct 1949 I132954
2 Back, Lewis J.15 Oct 1862(here)11 Sep 1953Magoffin, Kentucky, _I132944
3 Back, Providence29 Jun 1852(here)6 Jan 1946Seitz, Magoffin, Kentucky, _I132943
4 Back, Rebecca Susannah Elizabeth21 Dec 1857(here)25 Apr 1943Magoffin, Kentucky, _I98311
5 Bayes, Mildred Emogene6 Jul 1925(here)26 Aug 1995 I118363
6 Bolling, Belvia Dora2 May 1891(here)31 Dec 1973 I112073
7 Bolling, CecilAbt 1894(here)  I244310
8 Bolling, Charles Luther16 Jun 1905(here)25 Apr 1992Ocala, Marion, Florida, _I244308
9 Bolling, Dallas Clark1 Mar 1902(here)12 Dec 1977Pound, _, _, _I79445
10 Bolling, Daniel B.9 Apr 1851(here)17 Oct 1921 I75745
11 Bolling, Dora Ethel17 Jun 1904(here)23 Nov 1999Norton, _, _, _I244305
12 Bolling, Emerson10 May 1911(here)Sep 1921(here)I277071
13 Bolling, Ezekial11 Jul 1815(here)17 Feb 1907Pike, Kentucky, _I13825
14 Bolling, Floyd Henry14 Apr 1865(here)27 Dec 1915(here)I280248
15 Bolling, Jeremiah Martin9 Oct 1855(here)Mar 1931Wise, _, _I71292
16 Bolling, Jesse Boyd12 Apr 1866(here)20 Apr 1957 I30348
17 Bolling, Jesse Boyd29 Nov 1899(here)Yes, date unknown I116636
18 Bolling, John17 Mar 1856(here)29 Apr 1936(here)I14813
19 Bolling, John Tilden20 Mar 1884(here)17 Jun 1956Wise, _, _I272636
20 Bolling, Joseph24 Nov 1858(here)5 May 1932Flat Gap, Letcher, Kentucky, _I20995
21 Bolling, Leodicia M.25 Oct 1860(here)13 Jul 1898Wise, _, _I90306
22 Bolling, Loudema22 Sep 1884(here)2 Feb 1977 I322724
23 Bolling, Lucinda28 Mar 1854(here)18 Jan 1941(here)I20992
24 Bolling, Lucinda30 May 1893(here)24 Jul 1984Pound, _, _, _I257302
25 Bolling, Martha Virginia Belle30 Oct 1889(here)24 Nov 1966(here)I276634
26 Bolling, Mary16 Jan 1831(here)1859 I7039
27 Bolling, Minnie Nervine23 Jan 1892(here)28 Jan 1965(here)I104931
28 Bolling, Morgan Creed20 Feb 1874(here)7 Mar 1964(here)I79435
29 Bolling, Myrtle L18 Nov 1908(here)20 Feb 1986Lebanon, Warren, Ohio, _I255825
30 Bolling, Nannie Dove4 Feb 1907(here)26 Jun 1997Rockwood, Roane, Tennessee, _I277059
31 Bolling, Napoleon6 Apr 1908(here)13 Feb 1961 I295607
32 Bolling, Pearlie28 Apr 1893(here)6 Jul 1918Magoffin, Kentucky, _I244309
33 Bolling, Ruby Lee10 May 1917(here) Pensacola, Escambia, Florida, _I277070
34 Bolling, Wade Hamilton6 May 1908(here)1 Nov 1980Norton, _, _, _I314012
35 Bolling, Walter Dewey Sr.Abt 1895(here)22 Jul 1971 I104929
36 Bolling, Wendall Arnett22 Apr 1929(here)26 Apr 1940(here)I284696
37 Bolling, William Owen3 Jan 1888(here)8 Feb 1978Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, _I30347
38 Hamilton, Nancy Louemma8 Sep 1859(here)14 Nov 1928Pound, _, _, _I326867
39 Kincer, Dearl20 Dec 1930(here)3 Jun 1992Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, _I277066
40 Kincer, Inez Hope20 Aug 1934(here)23 Dec 1983Baltimore, Baltimore (city), Maryland, _I277062
41 Kincer, Starlin29 Aug 1932(here)7 Oct 1987Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, _I277064
42 Maggard, Alfred Wilson18 Aug 1895(here)28 Apr 1962Bradleyville, Taney, Missouri, _I240648
43 Mullins, Charles Owen22 Oct 1894(here)26 Aug 1963Montgomery, _, _I257343
44 Mullins, Creed Wilson27 Feb 1884(here)20 Aug 1957 I231050
45 Mullins, Hadley C.23 May 1917(here)2 Jul 2006North Carolina, _I279475
46 Mullins, WilliamAbt 1878(here)  I271654
47 Riggs, Bertha Ethel25 Mar 1889(here)  I231007
48 Riggs, Joseph1891(here)  I231006
49 Roberts, Eva6 May 1895(here)11 Sep 1947Cumberland, Harlan, Kentucky, _I111503
50 Stallard, Dicy Victoria9 Feb 1875(here)15 Aug 1956Mayking, Letcher, Kentucky, _I83880

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Primary Death events within Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Bolling, Alonzo H.11 Oct 1940(here)22 Feb 1894Robinson, _, _, _I101771
2 Bolling, Benjamin30 Jan 1832(here)30 Jun 1734Henrico, _, _I24802
3 Bolling, EmersonSep 1921(here)10 May 1911(here)I277071
4 Bolling, Floyd Henry27 Dec 1915(here)14 Apr 1865(here)I280248
5 Bolling, Henry Melvin25 Apr 1947(here)2 Feb 1888Wise, _, _I326868
6 Bolling, Jeremiah18 Feb 1870(here)11 Feb 1780South Carolina, _I24721
7 Bolling, Jesse C.24 Mar 1901(here)11 Mar 1826Flat Gap, Russell (now Wise), _, _I20738
8 Bolling, John29 Apr 1936(here)17 Mar 1856(here)I14813
9 Bolling, Lucinda18 Jan 1941(here)28 Mar 1854(here)I20992
10 Bolling, Martha Victoria19 Oct 1949(here)30 Jul 1877Wise, _, _I231010
11 Bolling, Martha Virginia Belle24 Nov 1966(here)30 Oct 1889(here)I276634
12 Bolling, Minnie Nervine28 Jan 1965(here)23 Jan 1892(here)I104931
13 Bolling, Morgan Creed7 Mar 1964(here)20 Feb 1874(here)I79435
14 Bolling, Wendall Arnett26 Apr 1940(here)22 Apr 1929(here)I284696
15 Gibson, Henry Floyd7 Nov 1917(here)4 Oct 1848Russell, _, _I302430
16 Hayes, Altha Leeta1899(here)1872Letcher, Kentucky, _I33953
17 Kiser, Lucinda Ellen28 Nov 1945(here)21 Apr 1868Wise, _, _I104930
18 Larrimore, CharityAbt 1845(here)1748 I27560
19 Maggard, Caleb7 Mar 1920(here)1 May 1862Letcher, Kentucky, _I286815
20 Mullins, John R.25 Nov 1941(here)23 Oct 1858Eolia, Letcher, Kentucky, _I90305
21 Mullins, Joseph M.29 Jul 1929(here)19 Jun 1834Harlan, Kentucky, _I12890
22 Phillips, Charles Henderson23 Jan 1915(here)27 May 1891Wise, _, _I233005
23 Rumley, Jacob15 Dec 1905(here)12 Apr 1825Orange, North Carolina, _I91930
24 Rutherford, Andrew Jackson22 Oct 1940(here)9 Sep 1887Wise, _, _I83899
25 Short, Elizabeth Emeline20 Jun 1918(here)17 Apr 1838Russell (Now Wise), _, _I33964
26 Short, Melvina15 Aug 1880(here)2 Jul 1843Russell (Now Wise), _, _I28919
27 Stallard, Martha Josephine10 Aug 1916(here)29 Aug 1844Virginia, _I20732
28 Sturgill, Fonda Opal24 Oct 1923(here)14 Feb 1923Wise, _, _I312202
29 Sturgill, Ruth23 Nov 1919(here)10 Aug 1860(here)I14811
30 Ward, Sarah1869(here)1786South Carolina, _I24722
31 Webb, Mahala23 Feb 1921(here)18 Dec 1840Letcher, Kentucky, _I6397
32 Wheatley, Mary C.20 May 1911(here)23 Aug 1833Scott, _, _I28972

Primary Burial events within Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States

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   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Adams, Kelsey2006Benjamin Bolling Cemetery14 Apr 1923Kentucky, _20 Jan 2006James City, _, _I98206
2 Back, Iva Benjamin Bolling Cemetery20 Oct 1909Kentucky, _16 Oct 1987Norton, Norton (City), _, _I125791
3 Banks, Shade Edward Benjamin Bolling Cemetery12 Nov 1887 14 Mar 1961Pound, _, _, _I22655
4 Birchfield, Elizabeth Bolling CemeteryAbt 1816North Carolina, _14 Mar 1858Wise, _, _I29455
5 Birchfield, Mary Benjamin Bolling Cemetery1785Buncombe, North Carolina, _Aft 1860Virginia, _I7801
6 Boggs, Mary E. (here)1858 1928 I84690
7 Bolling, Benjamin Benjamin Bolling Cemetery30 Jun 1734Henrico, _, _30 Jan 1832(here)I24802
8 Bolling, Callie VenusBef 1983(here)24 Aug 1895Roberson Magisterial District, _, _, _24 Sep 1969Wise, _, _I257301
9 Bolling, CecilMar 1935Bolling Cemetery24 Feb 1902Wise, _, _18 Mar 1935Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, _I79075
10 Bolling, Dallas Keith1957Benjamin Bolling Cemetery27 Jun 1925Pound, _, _, _9 Apr 1957 I113034
11 Bolling, Diane Lucinda (here)20 Mar 1903Wise, _, _6 Feb 1937Lynch, Harlan, Kentucky, _I237536
12 Bolling, Ellis L. Boyd Bolling Cemetery27 Jun 1920Virginia, _23 Aug 1962Wise, _, _, _I131505
13 Bolling, Elmer BoydNov 1932Boyd Bolling Cemetery3 Jun 1913Wise, _, _5 Nov 1932Morehead, Rowan, Kentucky, _I131506
14 Bolling, Emerson Benjamin Bolling Cemetery10 May 1911(here)Sep 1921(here)I277071
15 Bolling, Floyd Henry1915(here)14 Apr 1865(here)27 Dec 1915(here)I280248
16 Bolling, Frederick Sr.1960Boyd Bolling Cemetery8 Oct 1895Wise, _, _20 Oct 1960 I127692
17 Bolling, George Washington Benjamin Bolling Cemetery2 Apr 1841Lee, Kentucky, _4 Nov 1929Robinson, _, _, _I79351
18 Bolling, Henry Weddington Benjamin Bolling Cemetery28 May 1886Wise, _, _31 May 1959Lynch, Harlan, Kentucky, _I277068
19 Bolling, Hosea17 Oct 1910(here)25 Nov 1817 25 Oct 1910 I85215
20 Bolling, Ivory Morell Benjamin Bolling Cemetery18 Sep 1877Wise, _, _29 Jan 1940Eolia, Letcher, Kentucky, _I257222
21 Bolling, Jeremiah Benjamin Bolling Cemetery11 Feb 1780South Carolina, _18 Feb 1870(here)I24721
22 Bolling, Jesse C.Mar 1901Benjamin Bolling Cemetery11 Mar 1826Flat Gap, Russell (now Wise), _, _24 Mar 1901(here)I20738
23 Bolling, John Henry (here)20 Sep 1879Wise, _, _5 Jan 1963 I13545
24 Bolling, JosephMay 1932(here)24 Nov 1858(here)5 May 1932Flat Gap, Letcher, Kentucky, _I20995
25 Bolling, Leodicia M. Benjamin Bolling Cemetery25 Oct 1860(here)13 Jul 1898Wise, _, _I90306
26 Bolling, Loudema Bolling Cemetery22 Sep 1884(here)2 Feb 1977 I322724
27 Bolling, Mabel Gertrude Benjamin Bolling Cemetery15 Jan 1920 19 Feb 2001Kingsport, Sullivan, Tennessee, _I97520
28 Bolling, Margie1987(here)31 Oct 1898Wise, _, _27 Jun 1987Norton, _, _, _I299447
29 Bolling, Martha Virginia Belle Benjamin Bolling Cemetery30 Oct 1889(here)24 Nov 1966(here)I276634
30 Bolling, Mary Ann1984(here)22 Jun 1902Wise, _, _8 Mar 1984Wise, _, _I314332
31 Bolling, Morgan CreedMar 1964Benjamin Bolling Cemetery20 Feb 1874(here)7 Mar 1964(here)I79435
32 Bolling, Shelby Burton1993(here)13 Nov 1920Wise, _, _6 Apr 1993Eolia, Letcher, Kentucky, _I70800
33 Bolling, Wendall ArnettApr 1940(here)22 Apr 1929(here)26 Apr 1940(here)I284696
34 Bolling, WilliamMar 1953Benjamin Bolling Cemetery2 Feb 1857Wise, _, _20 Mar 1953Pound, _, _, _I326866
35 Bolling, William Owen (here)3 Jan 1888(here)8 Feb 1978Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, _I30347
36 Brown, Carson Alfred1924Boyd Bolling Cemetery27 Feb 1924 31 Oct 1924Wise, _, _I334762
37 Church, Rachel Benjamin Bolling CemeteryOct 1865Letcher, Kentucky, _1950Stonega, _, _, _I88048
38 Collinsworth, Louisa Jane1948(here)6 Jul 1878Pocket, Lee, _, _26 Aug 1948Pound, _, _, _I75728
39 Hampton, Ambrose B. Benjamin Bolling Cemetery13 Nov 1881Wise, _, _16 Sep 1952Virginia, _I127844
40 Hampton, Elizabeth Jane1944Benjamin Bolling Cemetery18 Sep 1868Virginia, _19 Feb 1944Virginia, _I79442
41 Hampton, Eugene19 Jul 2013Benjamin Bolling Cemetery7 Jan 1935Virginia, _17 Jul 2013Pound, _, _, _I125792
42 Hayes, Luvenia18 Mar 1876(here)10 Aug 1814Virginia, _18 Mar 1876Wise, _, _I85216
43 Haynes, Charles H. Benjamin Bolling Cemetery18 Mar 1902 18 Apr 1978 I2035
44 Hubbard, LennahMay 1941Benjamin Bolling Cemetery22 Jan 1865Wise, _, _2 May 1941Wise, _, _I129580
45 Justice, Emily Benjamin Bolling Cemetery1863 1905 I286816
46 Kilgore, Della Ethel (here)16 Aug 1893Wise, _, _1971 I230228
47 Kiser, Lucinda Ellen Benjamin Bolling Cemetery21 Apr 1868Wise, _, _28 Nov 1945(here)I104930
48 Larrimore, Charity Benjamin Bolling Cemetery1748 Abt 1845(here)I27560
49 Maggard, Caleb Benjamin Bolling Cemetery1 May 1862Letcher, Kentucky, _7 Mar 1920(here)I286815
50 Maggard, Delilah Benjamin Bolling Cemetery9 Apr 1865Letcher, Kentucky, _1 Feb 1941Wise, _, _I79791

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Burial events within Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States

   Name  Burial BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bolling, Hosea (here)25 Nov 1817 25 Oct 1910 I85215

Military Draft Registration events within Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States

   Name  Military Draft Registration BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bolling, Henry Weddington1942(here)28 May 1886Wise, _, _31 May 1959Lynch, Harlan, Kentucky, _I277068
2 Sturgill, Ballard1942(here)5 Jul 1893 4 Jan 1980 I308524

Primary Marriage events within Flat Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Amon Brock / Dicy Victoria Stallard1888(here)F34856
2 Henry Melvin Bolling / Martha Virginia Belle Bolling12 May 1906(here)F129439
3 Hezekiah Carl Stidham / Susan C. Williams12 Sep 1906(here)F45878
4 Joseph Elbert Vanover / Rebecca L. Mullins7 Aug 1907(here)F106447
5 Nathaniel Engle / Delilah Sturgill24 Mar 1899(here)F95498
6 Thomas Lloyd Riddle / Margie Bolling19 Sep 1918(here)F116529
7 William Mullins / Nevada Roberts1898(here)F103103