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woman *Unknown, Lois & Edgar Bentley
woman *Unknown, Lois & Troy Edward Adams
woman *Unknown, Lois Faye X Aster Wright* ‎15 Apr 1921† ‎4 Apr 2007
woman *Unknown, Lola & Billy M. Jones
woman *Unknown, Lola X Bennie Eldridge* ‎1935
woman *Unknown, Lola Marie & Henry W. Bentley
woman *Unknown, Lonnie & Edwin McIntyre
woman *Unknown, Lorene & Ethan Whitaker
woman *Unknown, Loretta & Leslie Brown
woman *Unknown, Loretta & Ballard Webb* ‎1910* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Lori & Paul Warren Stambaugh
woman *Unknown, Lottie X Joseph Hogg* ‎May 1863
woman *Unknown, Lou Mamie & Oliver Gene Fugate* ‎1923
woman *Unknown, Loucinda X Archillus Craft
woman *Unknown, Loucreasie & Arthur Hamilton* ‎1910† ‎1930
woman *Unknown, Louisa & Hiram Holbrook
woman *Unknown, Louisa & Daniel Paul Blankenship* ‎1842* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Louisa & Stanley J. Stanley* ‎1860* Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Louisa X John Branham* ‎Jan 1860* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Louisa & Isom Sturgill
woman *Unknown, Louisa & King Solomon Tackett* ‎1858
woman *Unknown, Louisa J. & Eli Swindall* ‎Mar 1840* North Carolina, United States† ‎after 1900
woman *Unknown, Louisa L. X William H. Hill* ‎1836* Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Louise & Elhanon Woods* ‎7 Mar 1895* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎26 Dec 1986[] Masons Creek, Perry, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Louise & Ivory S. Hampton* ‎1892* Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Louise & S. A. McKell
woman *Unknown, Louise Mary & Lee Hill
woman *Unknown, Louvicy & Samuel Vanhook Hargis* ‎± 1797
woman *Unknown, Lovell & Bobby G. Combs
woman *Unknown, Lovette X Fred McCray Jr.* ‎22 Aug 1926† ‎16 Oct 2001† Ohio, United States