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woman *Unknown, Kim & Kevin Garrett
woman *Unknown, Kim & Gregory Roark
woman *Unknown, Lacy & Efford Hamilton
woman *Unknown, Lana & Curtis Blair
woman *Unknown, Laura & Robert Lloyd Jr.
woman *Unknown, Laura & Orell Fields
woman *Unknown, Laura X Joe Fields
woman *Unknown, Laura X Dewayne Davis Rhodes
woman *Unknown, Lavina & Frank Bishop
woman *Unknown, Leona * ‎Sep 1881* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Leora & Oxur Branham
woman *Unknown, Leslie & Mathew Dewayne Blevins
woman *Unknown, Letisha & N.N.
woman *Unknown, Lettie X James Gibson* ‎± 1909* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Lettie & K. D. Whittaker
woman *Unknown, Lillian & James Jackson Marshall
woman *Unknown, Lillian Frances X James Morrel Collier* ‎1936
woman *Unknown, Lillie X Brownlo Johnson* ‎Aug 1883* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎UNKNOWN† Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Lillie & Chester Lee Salley* ‎1918* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Linda & Bill W. Collins
woman *Unknown, Linda 1st & Charles Smith, 2nd X Dale Champion
woman *Unknown, Lisa & Neal Lucas
woman *Unknown, Lisa & Stephen Hampton
woman *Unknown, Lissie X Ballard Hughes
woman *Unknown, Liz & Wesley Hammond
woman *Unknown, Lizzie & Bill Jones
woman *Unknown, Lizzie & Stephen Sexton
woman *Unknown, Lizzie X William W. Adams* ‎Oct 1866* Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Lizzie & Jeff Caudill* ‎14 May 1912† ‎13 Nov 1963[] Cornettsville, Perry, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Lizzie & McKinley Caudill