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woman *Unknown, Jane & Lath Sexton
woman *Unknown, Jane X John Blackburn* ‎Apr 1868* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Janet & Robert Tackett
woman *Unknown, Janice & Darrell Profitt
woman *Unknown, Janie X George Henry Smith
woman *Unknown, Jean & Elijah Sandlin
woman *Unknown, Jean X John Cathey
woman *Unknown, Jean X Samuel C. Scott Jr.
woman *Unknown, Jean & Ralph Remus Pratt* ‎1936
woman *Unknown, Jeanetta & Edward Howard
woman *Unknown, Jeanie & Atta F. Dawahare
woman *Unknown, Jeannie & Eugene Hall
woman *Unknown, Jemima & James Todd
woman *Unknown, Jeneva & Dr. Edward Nolan Adams M. D.* ‎1909
woman *Unknown, Jennie & Joseph Lee Calhoun
woman *Unknown, Jennie & Duke* ‎± 1820* North Carolina, United States† ‎after 1880
woman *Unknown, Jennie & Halcomb* ‎Apr 1827* Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Jessie & Alexander Mullins
woman *Unknown, Jessie S. & Oscar Nevil Lewis* ‎26 Oct 1906* Tennessee, United States† ‎1 Jul 1993† Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Joan & John H. Hall
woman *Unknown, Joann & James Crawford
woman *Unknown, Joanna     & John Gothard* ‎± 1780
woman *Unknown, Joanne & Roy Eugene Hall
woman *Unknown, Josephine & Kirby Whitaker* ‎1920* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Joy & James Gordon Rosier
woman *Unknown, Joyce & Neil Stanton Watson
woman *Unknown, Joyce & Jimmy Edwin Bentley
woman *Unknown, Joyce Kay & Luther Jay Lucas
woman *Unknown, Juanita & John Malloy Bentley
woman *Unknown, Judith & Martin Webb