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woman *Unknown, Josephine & Kirby Whitaker* ‎1920* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Joy & James Gordon Rosier
woman *Unknown, Joyce & Jimmy Edwin Bentley
woman *Unknown, Joyce & Neil Stanton Watson
woman *Unknown, Joyce Kay & Luther Jay Lucas
woman *Unknown, Juanita & John Malloy Bentley
woman *Unknown, Juanita K. X Emery L. Frazier* ‎± 1896* Arizona, United States
woman *Unknown, Judith & George Weeks* ‎± 1763* England, United Kingdom† ‎DecEASED
woman *Unknown, Judith & Martin Webb
woman *Unknown, Judy & Bird Tackett
woman *Unknown, Julia & Guy Leslie Palumbo
woman *Unknown, Julia & J. W. Stallard* ‎14 Aug 1880† ‎3 Feb 1955
woman *Unknown, Julia & Astor Brown
woman *Unknown, Julia L. & Frederick Adams* ‎7 Jun 1889* Magoffin, Kentucky, United States† ‎19 May 1967† Lawrence, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Julie A. & William F. Collins* ‎1892* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, June & Lester Blair
woman *Unknown, Jurelda & Foster Swinn
woman *Unknown, Kara & Kindel Clark Jr.
woman *Unknown, Karen & Bob Mullins
woman *Unknown, Karen
woman *Unknown, Katherine & Lester V. Day* ‎1920
woman *Unknown, Katherine X John Holbrook
woman *Unknown, Katherine & William F. Farmer* ‎1915* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Kathy & William Christopher Kidd Jr.
woman *Unknown, Katrina X John Gearheart* ‎1776* Wythe, Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Katy & Davis Adams* ‎1911* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Kaye & Lowell Vance
woman *Unknown, Kazue & Homer F. Franklin
woman *Unknown, Kesiah X Reuben Curnutte
woman *Unknown, Keziah & Dutton Lane* ‎1750* Pennsylvania, United States