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woman *Unknown, Grace & Floren Duncil* ‎26 Apr 1923* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎27 Feb 2002† Middletown, Butler, Ohio, United States
woman *Unknown, Grace 1st & Demmer Richmond, 2nd & Brewer
woman *Unknown, Grace & Newerall Amburgey
woman *Unknown, Grady & Odos Bradley
woman *Unknown, Gretchen\Grethel X Gideon Ison I* ‎± 1653* Shropshire, England, United Kingdom† ‎1675† Ireland
woman *Unknown, Gwen & Dorse Fields
woman *Unknown, H. Akiko & Frank B. Abdoo PRIVACY FILTER
woman *Unknown, Hannah & Lewis Tackett
woman *Unknown, Hannah & Charles Keesee
woman *Unknown, Hannah & John K. Smith* ‎± 1819* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Hannah Elizabeth X Mathias Hermann* ‎<1710>* W├╝rttemberg, Germany
woman *Unknown, Hassie & Travis Gibson
woman *Unknown, Hattie & Jerome Miles
woman *Unknown, Hazel & Jarvis Fleming Howard
woman *Unknown, Hazel X Jerry Wayne Hall
woman *Unknown, Hazel & James Bradley Fugate* ‎11 Jul 1926† ‎16 Feb 1973[] Mayking, Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Hazel & Elbert Adams
woman *Unknown, Helen & Steve J. Hidvegi* Hungary
woman *Unknown, Henrietta & George Spears
woman *Unknown, Hilda & Bazel Isaacs
woman *Unknown, Huldah & Franklin Andrew Campbell* ‎± 1826* North Carolina, United States
woman *Unknown, Ida & B. A. Holbrook
woman *Unknown, Ida & Paul Parker
woman *Unknown, Idella X Herman McIntire* ‎± 1903* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Imogene & Manny Hatton
woman *Unknown, Ina X Hagel Campbell PRIVACY FILTER
woman *Unknown, Inez & Troy P Hill
woman *Unknown, Inez X Richmond Rubin Amburgey† ‎13 Aug 1966† Fayette, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Irene & Ellis Thomas* ‎19 Jul 1925† ‎19 Dec 1991[] Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Irene 1st & Crabtree, 2nd X David Lewis Gray PRIVACY FILTER