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woman *Unknown, Celia & Colbert Holbrook* ‎1781
woman *Unknown, Celina X Herman Coots
woman *Unknown, Chaney X Isaac Wright* ‎± 1777* North Carolina, United States† ‎1855† Buncombe, North Carolina, United States
woman *Unknown, Charity & Richard Stanton
woman *Unknown, Charlotte X Ephraim Sparks* ‎± 1778* North Carolina, United States† ‎after 1850
woman *Unknown, Charlotte A. & John Smoot
woman *Unknown, Cheryl & Stephen Phillips
woman *Unknown, Christol & Gary Allen Miller* ‎1976
woman *Unknown, Cinda X John D. Cornett
woman *Unknown, Cindy & Herbert Honeycutt
woman *Unknown, Clara & Windus Williams* ‎12 Nov 1906† ‎30 Apr 2001† Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Clara & Eugene Hampton† ‎before 2013
woman *Unknown, Clearinda & William Riley Miles* ‎30 Jun 1909† ‎12 Mar 1999[] Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky United States
woman *Unknown, Cleda & Ernest Hampton
woman *Unknown, Clella & Willard Halcomb
woman *Unknown, Cloa & Ellis Nick Hall
woman *Unknown, Confray & William K. Collins
woman *Unknown, Cora & Hezekiah Brashears
woman *Unknown, Cora & Lance Esquire Hall* ‎1902* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Cora & Vernon Hogg* ‎1910* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Cora X Daniel L. Parsons* ‎1893* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎2 Apr 1968† Santa Cruz, California, United States
woman *Unknown, Corinna & Michael Scott Moles
woman *Unknown, Cosba & Oliver Tackett* ‎1899* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Crecy Ann & William Rutherford
woman *Unknown, Crissie & Spurlock Tackett* ‎1912* Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Cynthia & Allen Morris
woman *Unknown, Cynthia & Zachariah Fugate* ‎± 1865
woman *Unknown, Cynthia & Capt. John Damron* ‎± 1760* Virginia, United States† ‎after 1825[] Johnson, Illinois, United States
woman *Unknown, Daisy & Rev. Dewey Sexton
woman *Unknown, Daisy Lou & Rudolph Collins* ‎1929