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woman *Unknown, Bridget & Pat Conley Anderson Jr.
woman *Unknown, Buena Vista & Lee Chandler
woman *Unknown, Bunny & Rev. Carl Christopher Perkins
woman *Unknown, California X William M. Walker* ‎1878* Arkansas, United States
woman *Unknown, Carlene & James E. Gose
woman *Unknown, Carmone & James Franklin Jr.
woman *Unknown, Carol & Bradford Clark
woman *Unknown, Caroline & Joseph Sumpter* ‎Apr 1883* Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Caroline & Lloyd Henry Hall
woman *Unknown, Carolyn & Charles Lynn Caudill
woman *Unknown, Carolyn & Amos Tackett
woman *Unknown, Carrie & Monroe Combs* ‎1913
woman *Unknown, Carrie 1st & Boggs, 2nd X William Milton Hall* Breathitt, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Carrie L. X Granville H. Combs* ‎Jun 1862* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Catharina & Jakob Krehbiel* ‎± 1707* Germany
woman *Unknown, Catharine & Lewis D. Hill
woman *Unknown, Catharine & Sampson Sexton* ‎1795* North Carolina, United States† ‎between 1850 and 1855† Scott, Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Catherine & George Spangler† ‎before 1830† Scott, Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Catherine & Thomas Webb* ‎<1803>* North Carolina, United States
woman *Unknown, Catherine 1st & Roger North, 2nd X Edward Park, 3rd ) ( Col. Sampson Mathews* ‎± 1741* Augusta, Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Catherine & Allen Reynolds
woman *Unknown, Catherine X Rev. Hendrick Vanover* ‎1750* New Jersey† ‎1840† Montgomery, Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Catherine & Marcus Sexton* ‎15 Mar 1808† ‎7 Jun 1893
woman *Unknown, Catherine & Dennis Adams* ‎1930
woman *Unknown, Catherine & James A. Elliott
woman *Unknown, Catherine Elizabeth & Johann Phillip Weisman* ‎1718* Germany† ‎26 Dec 1808
woman *Unknown, Cathy & Benny Ray Bentley
woman *Unknown, Cathy & Daniel Preston Parsons
woman *Unknown, Caty & James Cook
woman *Unknown, Cece Seese & Audie Allen