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woman *Unknown, Anna Joyce & Orville Huff
woman *Unknown, Anna Maria X George Wampler
woman *Unknown, Anna Mildred & Urias Prichard
woman *Unknown, Anne X John Beckelhymer
woman *Unknown, Anne & David Vanover
woman *Unknown, Annette & James Ervin Sexton* ‎11 Jan 1937† ‎5 Dec 1998† Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky United States
woman *Unknown, Annie & Thomas Trent
woman *Unknown, Annie & John Hall
woman *Unknown, Annie Winifred & Richard Newton
woman *Unknown, Apolonia & Georgius Gro
woman *Unknown, Ardelia 1st & N.N., 2nd & Lewis Collier* ‎± 1893* Kentucky, United States† ‎30 Mar 1966† Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Arlena & William R. Cornett* ‎± 1889* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Arlene & Oscar Jenkins
woman *Unknown, Arminta X Henry C. Hall
woman *Unknown, Articia M. X Alfred Stanley* ‎1811* Virginia, United States† ‎1870/1880
woman *Unknown, Audrey G. & Archie Curtis Meade
woman *Unknown, Audrey LaRue & James Breeding
woman *Unknown, Aufelida & Alexander Gunter
woman *Unknown, Augie & Terry Anthony Bentley
woman *Unknown, Ava X Grant Cornett
woman *Unknown, Barbara & William Lane* ‎1775
woman *Unknown, Barbara & James Wells
woman *Unknown, Barbara & Solomon Whitt
woman *Unknown, Barbara
woman *Unknown, Barbara & James D. Hall
woman *Unknown, Barbara X Conrad Johannes Amburger* ‎± 1700
woman *Unknown, Barbery & William Morgan* ‎± 1829
woman *Unknown, Belinda & Larry May
woman *Unknown, Belle & Peter Robinson
woman *Unknown, Belva & Kenneth K. Polly* ‎1895* Kentucky, United States