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woman -  Waity * ‎Sep 1879* Buchanan, Virginia, United States
woman -  Winanuske & Powhatan Wahunsonacock* ‎1571† ‎UNKNOWN
woman -  Zelottie & Theophilus Spurrier* ‎± 1830* Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, & Reese
man *Unknown, & Lola Marie Bentley
woman *Unknown, Abby & William Combs* ‎± 1826* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Alberta & Lewis Kemp
woman *Unknown, Alice & Henry Lonzo Carrello
woman *Unknown, Alice & Denver Back
woman *Unknown, Alice & Preston Hall
woman *Unknown, Alicia & Jarvis Johnson
woman *Unknown, Alifare & Henderson Hall
woman *Unknown, Alma A. & Leonard Collins* ‎13 Jul 1926† ‎28 Nov 2006[] Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky United States
woman *Unknown, Alpha & Silas Gilley* ‎1897* Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Amanda & Joe Adams
woman *Unknown, Amanda & William R. Bentley* ‎± 1828* North Carolina, United States
woman *Unknown, America & Charlie Hall
woman *Unknown, America & Charles Stevens
woman *Unknown, Ann 1st X William Stanley, 2nd & William A. Stanley* ‎± 1832* North Carolina, United States† ‎1871/1874
woman *Unknown, Ann & Thomas Stephens
woman *Unknown, Ann & Leslie Yonts
woman *Unknown, Ann & George Franklin* ‎1745
woman *Unknown, Ann & William Hobart Combs Jr.
woman *Unknown, Ann & Alexander Swan† ‎1915
woman *Unknown, Ann & John G. Gose
woman *Unknown, Ann & Charles Chiswell* ‎± 1651* Purton, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom[] ‎22 Sep 1686[] Purton, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom
woman *Unknown, Ann Elisabeth X Vincent Bentley* ‎1852* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Anna & Hiram Osborne
woman *Unknown, Anna X Malachi Green* ‎± 1740* Charlotte, Virginia, United States
woman *Unknown, Anna & Golden Collins* ‎5 May 1915† ‎27 Dec 2001[] Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky United States