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woman -  Pocahontas X John Rolfe* ‎± 1595* Jamestown, James City, Virginia, United States† ‎21 Mar 1616/7† London, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
woman *Unknown, Ann 1st X William Stanley, 2nd & William A. Stanley* ‎± 1832* North Carolina, United States† ‎1871/1874
woman *Unknown, Articia M. X Alfred Stanley* ‎1811* Virginia, United States† ‎1870/1880
woman *Unknown, Nancy X Wilson Hensley* ‎15 May 1861* Harlan, Kentucky, United States† ‎1900–1910† Martins Fork, Harlan, Kentucky, United States
woman Acord, Annie & Marion Steele Laffery* ‎1827* Wyoming, West Virginia, United States† ‎from 1861 to 1864
woman Adams, Elizabeth * ‎4 Mar 1852* Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎from 1910 to 1920† United States
man Adams, Sam * ‎1920* Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎1920/1930† Letcher, Kentucky, United States
man Adams, Samuel Patton X Hannah Eliza Templeton* ‎1848* Scott, Virginia, United States† ‎1889/1896† Morgan, Kentucky, United States
woman Adams, Seligna Sidney X Joel Wright* ‎1834* Pike, Kentucky, United States† ‎1865–1870† Floyd, Kentucky, United States
man Adams, Spencer Sr. X Jane Adams* ‎Apr 1778* Reddies River Township, Wilkes, North Carolina, United States† ‎1800–1801† Wilkes, North Carolina, United States
woman Adkins, Delilah X Samuel M. McKinney Jr.* ‎± 1812* Burke, North Carolina, United States† ‎10 Jul 1876/1876[] Carter, Tennessee, United States
woman Adkins, Nancy X Caswell Adkins* ‎± 1808† ‎1831/1833† Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman Adkins, Olivia X William Harrell* ‎± 1824* Burke, North Carolina, United States† ‎1850/1918
man Akeman, Abner X Effa A. Moore* ‎1827† ‎1874/1880
man Akemon, Peter * ‎1880* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎WFT estimated. 1881-1970
man Akers, John * ‎24 Apr 1890* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎1900–1910
man Alexander, Jesse & Fannie Woolfolk* ‎± 1777* Union, South Carolina, United States[] ‎COOK CEM[] Milton, Rutherford, Tennessee, United States
woman Allen, Elizabeth Emaline & John J. Salyer* ‎1835* Floyd, Pulaski, Kentucky, United States† ‎1878/1880[] Dublin, Erath, Texas, United States
man Amburgey, John Erastus Jr. X Amanda Porter* ‎17 Nov 1874* Morehead, Rowan, Kentucky, United States† ‎1903–1904
man Anderson, John ~ ‎19 Oct 1740~ Fort Defiance, Augusta, Virginia, United States† ‎DIED YOUNG† Augusta, Virginia, United States
man Anderson, McClellan * ‎Apr 1894* Rockhouse Creek, Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎1917–1918† Europe
man Armstrong, Aaron X Julia Gray* ‎WFT estimated 1782-1809† ‎WFT estimated 1832-1896
woman Arnett, Mary & William Baldridge* ‎1773* Russell, Virginia, British America† ‎from 1860 to 1870† Floyd, Kentucky, United States
man Bailey, Joseph * ‎± 1748* Ireland† ‎WFT estimated. 1749-1838
man Baker, William X Mary Ann Couch* ‎± 1826† ‎1910–1920† Floyd, Kentucky, United States
man Barkesdale, William     X Née Barksedale* ‎1551/2* Hampshire, England, United Kingdom† ‎19 Feb 1628/9† Marston Saint Lawrence, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom
woman Barnes, Martha X William Hilyard* ‎WFT estimated 1811-1833† ‎WFT estimated 1859-1922
man Barnes, W. C. X Sarah Hilyard* ‎WFT estimated 1834-1871† ‎WFT estimated 1860-1949
woman Bentley, Mary * ‎2 Nov 1876* Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎1880–1886† Letcher, Kentucky, United States
man Bentley, William May X Mary Elizabeth Vanover* ‎1838* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎1865–1866† Virginia, United States