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woman Adams, Elizabeth Frances X James P. Stamper* ‎± 1834–1838* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎UNKNOWN
woman Adams, Frances C. X George M. Webb* ‎1887/1892* Letcher, Kentucky, United States
man Adams, Harry * ‎calculatedC 1873* North Carolina, United States† Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman Adams, Jane 1st X Spencer Adams Sr., 2nd X Abner Caudill* ‎1782–1787* Rowan, North Carolina, United States† ‎1860† Dallas, Alabama, United States
woman Adams, Martha * ‎1860–1861* Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman Adams, Nancy X James Sumner* ‎1809–1812* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎after 1880† Letcher, Kentucky, United States
man Adams, Richard * ‎± 1860/1860* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎24 Jan 1948† Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, United States
woman Addington, Margaret S. X Samuel W. Wright* ‎Oct 1850/1* Wise, Wise, Virginia, United States† ‎1925† Beefhide, Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman Addington, Martha X John H. Williams* ‎1785–1787* Washington, Virginia, United States† ‎1855† Madison, Arkansas, United States
woman Addington, Mary E. * ‎13 Oct 1862/1863* Virginia, United States
man Adkins, Howard X Mary Ann Coleman* ‎1795–1798* Virginia, United States† ‎1883† Isonville, Elliott, Kentucky, United States
woman Adkins, Nancy 1st X Littleberry Adkins, 2nd X Thomas Gilkerson* ‎2 ??? 1797* Virginia, United States† ‎after 1880
man Akers, Jonathan Wesley X Katherine Meade* ‎1784–1791* Montgomery, Virginia, United States† Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman Alford, Mary Anne X John William Sellards* ‎1765/1770* Virginia, United States† ‎± 1825† Floyd, Kentucky, United States
man Allen, Frederick * ‎calculatedC 1887* Speedwell, Wythe, Virginia, United States
woman Allen, Ida Belle * ‎calculatedC 1879* Wythe, Virginia, United States
man Allen, John II X Phoebe Scarlett* ‎8 Feb 1719/20† ‎1 Oct 1754† Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
woman Allen, Lelia * ‎calculatedC 1893* Carroll, Virginia, United States† ‎17 Dec 1922† Carroll, Virginia, United States
man Amburgey, John Walker X Sarah Huff* ‎1837–1839* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎31 Dec 1893† Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky United States
man Archer, John II X Sarah Randolph* ‎1709–1710* Henrico, Virginia, United States† ‎5 Sep 1774† Bermuda Hundred, Henrico, Virginia, United States
man Armstrong, Aaron X Julia Gray* ‎WFT estimated 1782-1809† ‎WFT estimated 1832-1896
woman Arnett, Sarah Clarinda & Cuthbert Stone* ‎1766/1769* Virginia, United States
man Atkyns, Edward & Agnes Atkins* ‎calculatedC 1655* Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom† ‎1698† London, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
man Atkyns, Robert X Louisa De Carteret* ‎calculatedC 1647† ‎29 Nov 1711
woman Auxier, Frances X James L. Lemaster* ‎1805–1812
woman Avent, Johan X Nicholas Coffin* ‎14 ??? 1555* Brixton, Devon, England, United Kingdom[] ‎5 Feb 1614[] Brixton, Devon, England, United Kingdom
man Back, Charles * ‎1779/1803* Washington, Virginia, United States† ‎6 Apr 1868† Cumberland River, Letcher, Kentucky, United States
man Back, James * ‎1859–1860* Kentucky, United States
woman Back, Lucinda X Hoover Adams* ‎1855–1874* Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎1961
man Back, Norman * ‎1929–1930* Kentucky, United States