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NameBorn/ BaptizedDied/ Buried
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woman *Unknown, Eula Mae & Robert Jefferson Fleming
woman *Unknown, Mae & Eugene Jones
woman *Unknown, Mae & David C. Brown
woman *Unknown, Mae & Archie Sexton
woman *Unknown, Mae & Henry Hershel Halcomb
woman *Unknown, Mae A. & Samuel R. Collins* ‎1896* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Una Mae & Otis Ingram* ‎1918* Kentucky, United States
woman *Unknown, Vera Mae & Frank Weekley
woman *Unknown, Verdie Mae & Millis Hamilton
woman *Unknown, Virgie Mae & James Russell Blevins
woman Adams, Ada Mae * ‎14 Apr 1904* Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎1905† Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman Adams, Alice Mae
woman Adams, Alta Mae X Eugene Hall
woman Adams, Delsie Mae & C. Byron Kincer* ‎6 Nov 1904* Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎30 Sep 1993† Montgomery, Ohio, United States
woman Adams, Doris Mae 1st X Chester Webb, 2nd & Max Sanders* ‎29 Aug 1921* Letcher, Kentucky, United States† United States
woman Adams, Elizabeth Mae 1st X Sidney Arthur Chastain, 2nd X Frank W Fassler* ‎Oct 1894* Indian Territory (Now Oklahoma), United States† ‎8 Apr 1965† San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States
woman Adams, Golda Mae (Goldie) & Sammy Lewis Adams* ‎6 Sep 1915* Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎17 Mar 1988† Pike, Kentucky, United States
woman Adams, Ida Mae & Elihu Hall* ‎Apr 1893* Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman Adams, Lydia Mae * ‎20 Feb 1896* Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎3 Jan 1898† Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman Adams, Mary Polly Mae & John Mullins* ‎± 1796* Halifax, Virginia, United States† ‎± 1860† Tennessee, United States
woman Adams, Mattie Mae & Ralph Russell Webb
woman Adams, Olive Mae * ‎1889* Pecan Gap, Delta, Texas, United States† ‎1892† Pecan Gap, Delta, Texas, United States
woman Adams, Zena Mae * ‎2 May 1902* Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎26 May 1902† Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman Adams, Zola Mae & James H. Gibson* ‎2 Feb 1911* Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎15 Apr 2002† Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman Addington, Lizzie Mae * ‎9 Jul 1887* Scott, Virginia, United States† ‎13 May 1972
woman Addington, Mae D * ‎1906* Virginia, United States
woman Addington, Nola Mae * ‎20 Jan 1917* Scott, Virginia, United States† ‎28 Aug 1922
woman Adkins, Ethel Mae * ‎7 Jul 1928* McRoberts, Letcher, Kentucky, United States† ‎13 Jul 1948† Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States
woman Adkins, Lois Mae & Eli Leslie Combs* ‎3 Jun 1927* Kentucky, United States† ‎3 Dec 2007† Fayette, Kentucky, United States
woman Adkins, Lola Mae & Ray Woodrow Mullins* ‎16 Oct 1914* Virginia, United States† ‎4 Oct 1994† Floyd, Kentucky, United States