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NameBorn/ BaptizedDied/ Buried
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woman Fleming, * ‎1 Aug 1854† ‎UNKNOWN
woman Fleming,
woman Fleming, & Roberts
man Fleming, A. C.
man Fleming, Aaron Davis * ‎1991
woman Fleming, Ada & Carden Hensley
woman Fleming, Ada Mae 1st X Guy Carlton Francisco, 2nd X Carl Adams* ‎19 May 1910* Castlewood, Russell, Virginia,, United States† ‎8 Aug 1976† Salem, Salem (City), Virginia, United States
man Fleming, Adam G. X Nyla Dingus* ‎1916† ‎1981
woman Fleming, Agnes X James Corbett Mullins Sr.* ‎1901† ‎UNKNOWN
woman Fleming, Agnes X Gallie Lee Green* ‎1920
woman Fleming, Agnes & Carl Browning
woman Fleming, Agnes Lenore * ‎1915† ‎1928
woman Fleming, Agnes May X Clifford Adkins* ‎23 Jan 1923† ‎16 Mar 1998
man Fleming, Albert & Cosby B. Fleming* ‎1877† ‎1896
man Fleming, Albert Franklin & Emma Potter* ‎1935
woman Fleming, Alcie X Onie Wilson Scott* ‎4 Sep 1901* Clintwood, Dickenson, Virginia, United States† ‎4 Nov 1955
man Fleming, Alexander McKinley * ‎17 May 1890† ‎UNKNOWN
man Fleming, Alford
man Fleming, Alfred X Pauline Grizzle* ‎1903† ‎UNKNOWN
man Fleming, Alfred & Anna Mullins* ‎1927
man Fleming, Alfred Alfonso 1st & Effie L. Fleming, 2nd X Susan Hughes* ‎30 May 1899* Clintwood, Dickenson, Virginia, United States
woman Fleming, Alice Faye & Reuben Anderson* ‎27 Nov 1944† ‎UNKNOWN
woman Fleming, Alice Pearl X Orville Campbell* ‎1931
woman Fleming, Allie & Winford Wallace* ‎1916
woman Fleming, Alma
woman Fleming, Alma Ruth X James Armster Rast* ‎1934
woman Fleming, Alpha Mae & Willie Elswick* ‎1927
woman Fleming, Alta X Charlie Maggard* ‎1898† ‎UNKNOWN
woman Fleming, Alta Dezoria X John Bunyon Phipps II* ‎21 Dec 1901* Dwale, Dickenson, Virginia, United States† ‎17 Feb 1970† Pike, Kentucky, United States
woman Fleming, Althenia X Clyde Johnson* ‎30 Sep 1916* Clintwood, Dickenson, Virginia, United States† ‎5 Aug 1968† Welch, McDowell, West Virginia, United States