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NameBorn/ BaptizedDied/ Buried
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man Craft, & Virginia Lee Webb
man Craft, & Pearlie Stallard
man Craft, & Pebble Taylor
man Craft, & Bonnie Bentley
man Craft, & Eunice L. Dingus
man Craft, & Matilda Baker
man Craft, & Dorcas Wheeler
unknown Craft, (Unnamed) * ‎11 Oct 1857* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
unknown Craft, (Unnamed) * ‎16 Jul 1874† ‎19 Jul 1874
man Craft, Aaron Wilson X Virginia Caroline Hogg* ‎1886* Menifee, Kentucky, United States† ‎1969† Ontario, San Bernardino, California, United States
man Craft, Abraham * ‎23 Jun 1920† ‎6 May 1977† Letcher, Kentucky, United States
man Craft, Absalom 1st X Rachel Manerva J. Brown, 2nd X Melissa C. Taylor* ‎15 Mar 1834* Laudersville, Lawrence, Alabama, United States
woman Craft, Ada & George Tubbs* ‎1899* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
woman Craft, Ada Mae X William Johnson Combs Jr.* ‎2 May 1892* West Virginia, United States† ‎14 Jun 1962† Russell, Virginia, United States
man Craft, Adam X Emily Alsept* ‎Oct 1860* Quicksand, Breathitt, Kentucky, United States† ‎10 Apr 1946
woman Craft, Adeline America X John Franklin Rice* ‎1 Aug 1862* Morgan, Kentucky, United States† ‎18 Jul 1892† Morgan, Kentucky, United States
man Craft, Albert * ‎4 Mar 1894* Clay, Kentucky, United States† ‎17 Nov 1950
man Craft, Alexander X Sarah Jane Craft* ‎Mar 1867* Breathitt, Kentucky, United States† ‎7 Sep 1901† Parker, Linn, Kansas, United States
woman Craft, Alice * ‎Sep 1899* Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman Craft, Alice Hazel * ‎23 Nov 1908* Seymour, Webster, Missouri, United States† ‎3 Sep 1979
woman Craft, Alicia Masie * ‎15 Dec 1909* Lincoln, West Virginia, United States† ‎14 Oct 1920† West Virginia, United States
woman Craft, Alka & Morgan T. Potter
man Craft, Allen X Nancy Jane Defoe* ‎1864* Floyd, Kentucky, United States† ‎1904
man Craft, Allen W. 1st X Rachel Oliver, 2nd X Phoebe Jane Collins* ‎12 Oct 1840* Perry, Kentucky, United States† ‎18 Oct 1926† Morgan, Kentucky, United States
woman Craft, Allie * ‎± 1908* Floyd, Kentucky, United States
man Craft, Alonzo X Martha Ellen Holbrook* ‎12 Jul 1879* Breathitt, Kentucky, United States† ‎15 May 1963† Morgan, Kentucky, United States
man Craft, Alonzo Cephus * ‎19 Apr 1903* Wayne, West Virginia, United States† ‎21 Sep 1975† Missoula, Missoula, Montana, United States
woman Craft, Alta & Alvin Spangler* ‎9 May 1902† ‎9 Feb 1992† Letcher, Kentucky, United States
woman Craft, Alva & Dock Salyer* ‎6 Jan 1894† ‎Apr 1977
woman Craft, Amanda X Harvey Abdon* ‎22 Jun 1867* Quicksand, Breathitt, Kentucky† ‎14 Sep 1944† Middletown, Butler, Ohio, United States