man Samuel Haws‏, Nickname: Samuel Hawes‎, son of Benjamin Haws Jr. and Rebecca Clements‏.
Born ‎± 1764 at Rowan, North Carolina, British America, died ‎1811 at Floyd, Kentucky, United States‎, approximately 47 years, buried ‎after 1820 at Butler, Kentucky, United States

Married ‎± 1784 at Virginia, United States (approximately 24 years married) to:

woman Elizabeth Gardner‏‎
Born ‎± 1764 at Scotland, United Kingdom, died ‎± 1808 at Floyd, Kentucky, United States‎, approximately 44 years


man John Wesley Haws‏
Born ‎± 1784 at Virginia, United States, died ‎before 1842 at Lawrence, Kentucky, United States‎
man Azreal Haws‏, Nickname: Azerial Hawes
Born ‎1789 at Montgomery, Virginia, United States, died ‎after 1850 at Madison, Jefferson, Indiana, United States‎, at least 61 years
man Elkijah Haws‏, Nickname: Elkijah Hawes
Nickname: Elk, born ‎± 1797 at Floyd, Kentucky, United States, died ‎± 1873‎, approximately 76 years

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