woman Willie Amanda Wilkerson‏‎, daughter of Theophilus Wilkerson and Amanda Harpalyci‏.
Born ‎1850/1 at Fayette, Tennessee, United States, died ‎1906‎, approximately 56 years

Married ‎8 Feb 1871 at Fayette, Tennessee, United States (34 or 35 years married) to:

man William Easley Franklin M. D.‏‎, son of John Taliaferro Franklin and Nancy Ann Easley‏.
Born ‎29 Mar 1834 at Surry, North Carolina, United States, died ‎1908‎, 73 or 74 years, ‎1st marriage to: Willie Amanda Wilkerson, 2nd marriage to: Mary S. Haffenmeister


man William Easley Franklin Jr.‏
Born ‎14 Jan 1882 at Lagrange, Fayette, Tennessee, United States, died ‎14 May 1943‎, 61 years

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