man John Bunyon Counts‏‎, son of Ezekiel Counts and Elizabeth Amburgey‏.
Nickname: Jack, born ‎4 Feb 1825 at Russell, Virginia, United States, died ‎27 Aug 1874 at Russell, Virginia, United States‎, 49 years

Married ‎± 1844 at Russell, Virginia, United States (approximately 25 years married) to:

woman Elizabeth Childress‏‎, daughter of Goolsby Childers and Millie Johnson‏.
Born ‎30 Jun 1826 at Pike, Kentucky, United States, died ‎12 Jun 1869 at Russell, Virginia, United States‎, 42 years


man Shadrach Williams Counts‏
Nickname: Shade, born ‎7 Jul 1857 at Russell, Virginia, United States, died ‎16 Jan 1948 at Maryville, Blount, Tennessee, United States‎, 90 years
man Elijah Shelby Counts‏
Nickname: Lige, born ‎19 Jun 1866 at Russell, Virginia, United States, died ‎11 May 1939 at Dickensonville, Russell, Virginia, United States‎, 72 years

2nd marriage
man John Bunyon Counts‏‎, son of Ezekiel Counts and Elizabeth Amburgey‏.

Married ‎16 Dec 1870 (3 years married) to:

woman Lavina Fleming‏‎, daughter of John Jackson Fleming and Mary Jane Mullins‏.
Nickname: Viney, born ‎24 Mar 1836 at Beaver Creek, Floyd, Kentucky, United States, died ‎26 Nov 1906‎, 70 years. Occupation: a housewife, 1st marriage to: Marshall G. Keel, ‎2nd marriage to: John Bunyon Counts
Lavina/Melvina brought 7 Children into the world, 5 by Marshall Keel
2 by John B. Counts. Lavina (Melvina?) Fleming married Marshal G. Keel
first by whom she had 5 children. She married John Bunyon Counts on
Dec 1870 and they had two children (Andrew and Noah Columbus Counts).

3-2. LAVINA/MELVINA FLEMING (Dau of John Jackson Fleming & Mary Jane
Mullins) b. 24 Mar 1836 Russell Co. Va. d. 1906
m. 2. John Counts.
7 Children 5 by Marshall Keel & 2 by John Counts.

4-6. ANDREW J. COUNTS b. 1872 d. 1951. m. Vera A. Grizzle b. 1880

4-7. NOAH COLUMBUS COUNTS b. 1874 d. 1942 m. Ura Mullins b. 1887 d.


man Andrew J. Counts‏
Born ‎3 Jan 1872 at Pound River, Wise, Virginia, United States, died ‎9 Feb 1951‎, 79 years
Ref. Pioneer Recollections by E. J. Sutherland
Statement by Andrew J. Counts Sept. 28, 1938

"My maternal grandmother was Mary (Mary Jane Mullins) Fleming. I
remember her very well. The left side of her face was birth-marked.
was a deep red color. We called her red-faced granny. My mother
Fleming Keel Counts) told me that it was caused by her mother, great
grandmother Ollie Cox Mullins, watching her husband, Holly Creek
kill some hogs just before grannys birth. It made her sick, and she
off to one side, sat down and leaned her head over on her left hand
she felt better."
Andrew J. Counts married Verna A. Grizzle on 25 Jul 1912.
man Noah Columbus Counts‏
Nickname: Lum, born ‎27 Sep 1874 at Russell, Virginia, United States, died ‎8 Nov 1942‎, 68 years
Noah Co(lum)bus Counts married Ura Mullins on 17 Mar 1904.

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