woman Elizabeth Mariah Fugate‏‎, daughter of Man Fugate and Elizabeth Oldfield‏.
Born ‎3 Jun 1874 at Scott, Virginia, United States, died ‎5 Nov 1946 at Menifee, Kentucky, United States Vol. 050 Cert. 24653 Death Volume 46‎, 72 years

Married/ Related to:

man Jesse Browning Fugate‏‎, son of Nathan Ellington Fugate and Mary Jane Browning‏.
Born ‎10 Apr 1871 at Morgan, Kentucky, United States, died ‎11 Dec 1960 at Frenchburg, Menifee, Kentucky, United States Vol. 056 Cert. 27708 Death Volume 60‎, 89 years

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