woman Helen Geneva Coldiron‏‎, daughter of Otto Green Coldiron and Addie May Middleton‏.
Born ‎3 Jan 1931 at Mobley (Historical), Stewart, Tennessee, United States, died ‎21 Sep 1992 at Sayre, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States‎, 61 years, buried ‎24 Sep 1992 at Athens, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States
Geneva and Bob were married at home in East Smithfield, Pa.

Geneva died at 4:27 pm at the Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, Pa., on 21
Sep 1992. She had cancer. She had had three operations in the past two
years, the first for colon cancer and the second for intestinal cancer. The
most recent operation was on 18 Sep 1992, where it was discovered that
she had a blockage in her lower intestine. She had been having trouble
keeping food down for several weeks, and got to the point where she
couldn't eat or drink anything without throwing it up. By the time she
got to the hospital for the last time, she was so weak the doctor were
afraid she wouldn't stand the operation, but they didn't have any choice,
they had to operate anyway. She never recovered from the last operation.
During her illness, particularly in the past 3-4 months, she lost
considerable weight, from about 210 to about 150 pounds.

Geneva had a living will, and did not want to have her life prolonged by
artificial means. During her last few days, there was no attempt by the
doctors to prolong life.

I remember Geneva as a quiet, private person. Even in her last few
weeks, she didn't complain and didn't request help for her medical
problems. A few weeks before she died, she was still trying to do her
house chores, including mowing the lawn.

Geneva and Bob were avid collectors of Hummels and antique clocks, plus
other things. They went "antiqueing" or "collecting" many times in the
last 10-15 years of their lives.

She was buried at Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, Pa.

Married ‎13 Aug 1949 at East Smithfield, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States (39 years married) to:

man Robert Gomer Duggan‏‎
Born ‎7 Dec 1930 at Sayre, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States, died ‎16 Mar 1989 at Athens, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States‎, 58 years, buried ‎ at Athens, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States
Bob was a plumber. He was in business many years with his dad, Gomer,
before Gomer retired.

He died of a massive heart attack on 16 Mar 1989 in Athens, Pa. while at
work in the afternoon.

He is buried in Tioga Point Cemetery in Athens.

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