man Boyd Burke‏‎, son of Rathburn Burke and Martha Jane Mullins‏.
Born ‎7 Apr 1894 at Dickensonville, Russell, Virginia, United States, died ‎3 Nov 1968 at Oak Hill, Jackson, Ohio, United States‎, 74 years

Married/ Related to:

woman Rilda Dolly Stewart‏‎, daughter of William Arvid Stewart and Dorcus Lambert‏.
Born ‎± 1906 at Pike, Kentucky, United States, 1st married/ related to: Clark Johnson, ‎2nd married/ related to: Boyd Burke, 3rd married/ related to: Dow Branham, 4th marriage to: Alexander Hatton Burke


man Glen Burke‏‎
Born ‎1 Jun 1920 at Pike, Kentucky, United States, died ‎31 Jan 1987 at Elkhorn City, Pike, Kentucky, United States‎, 66 years
man Brack Burke‏‎
Born ‎2 May 1923 at Pike, Kentucky, United States, died ‎18 Jan 1991 at Middlesboro, Bell, Kentucky, United States‎, 67 years

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