man Hiram Lewis‏‎, son of Abner Lewis and Eleanor Dixon‏.
Born ‎1 jun 1803 at Monroe (Historic), Virginia, United States, died ‎11 jul 1888 at Harlan, Kentucky, United States‎, 85 years

Married ‎± 1829 at Floyd, Kentucky, United States (approximately 50 years married) to:

woman Lucinda Jenkins‏‎, daughter of William Jenkins and Elizabeth Williams Roark‏.
Born ‎6 may 1810 at South Carolina, United States, died ‎23 feb 1879‎, 68 years


man Abner Lewis‏
Born ‎nov 1837 at Floyd, Kentucky, United States
man Jesse Jenkins Lewis‏
Born ‎9 may 1833 at Harlan, Kentucky, United States, died ‎16 aug 1916 at Clay, Kentucky, United States‎, 83 years

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