woman Elizabeth Ellis‏‎    
Born ‎5 Jan 1754 at Henrico, Virginia, United States

Married ‎± 1770 to:

man William Martin Gilliam‏, Nickname: William Gillum‎    , son of William Gilliam and Mary Jarrett‏.
Born ‎± 1750 at Virginia, United States, died ‎after 1826 at Lawrence, Kentucky, United States‎


man John W. Gilliam‏‎
man Richard Gilliam‏
Born ‎± 1771 at Buckingham, Floyd, Kentucky, United States, died ‎± 1848 at Scott, Virginia, United States‎, approximately 77 years
man William Gilliam‏
Born ‎26 Apr 1772 at Virginia, British America, died ‎19 May 1862 at Linefork, Letcher, Kentucky, United States‎, 90 years
woman Rhoda Gilliam‏    
Born ‎1772 at Augusta, Virginia, United States, died ‎Apr 1796 at Perry, Kentucky, United States‎, 23 or 24 years
man William David Gilliam‏
Born ‎1773 at Buckingham, Virginia, British America, died ‎1834 at Scott, Virginia, United States‎, 60 or 61 years
man Martin Gilliam‏
Born ‎1777 at Buckingham County, Virginia, United States, died ‎1860 at Lawrence, Kentucky, United States‎, 82 or 83 years
woman Mary Gilliam‏
Nickname: Polly, born ‎1782 at North Carolina, United States, died ‎ at Isonville, Elliott, Kentucky, United States

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