man Jack Elwood Halcomb‏, Nickname: Jack Elwood Franklin‎ At some time after the 1940 census, he apparently adopted his stepfather's Franklin surname, as his marriage was recorded in the name of "Jack Elwood Franklin", and Enoch A. Franklin was listed on the marriage record as his father., son of Carl Halcomb and Thursa E. Huff‏. Adoption parents: Enoch Arden Franklin and Thursa E. Huff
Born ‎1935‎, 82 or 83 years

Married ‎1956 (61 or 62 years married) to:

woman Geneva Ann Downs‏‎, daughter of Paul E. Downs and Corda Kimmerly‏.
Born ‎1939‎, 78 or 79 years

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